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Briefly describe the related principle of multi-channel valve

generally, the working valve pieces are configured in groups, and the three-way pressure compensation bypass overflow valve (logic element) is built in the inlet valve block. When the multi-channel valve stops operating and all valves are in the middle position, the valve bypasses the flow of the main oil circuit with the compensation pressure (6- · 12bar). When a valve works, the bypass port of the valve has no essential difference under the load pressure, and the multi-channel valve provides the required flow according to the load pressure

load sensing shuttle valve:

the load sensing shuttle valve transmits the load pressure of each working valve disc to the pressure compensation bypass overflow valve of the inlet valve block. Multi way valve two-way pressure compensation differential pressure reducing valve: when multiple working disc valves that do not touch waste paper (the first four customs numbers are 4707) in the tariff list are working at the same time, the load pressure is transmitted to the spring side of the valve. At this time, through the negative feedback of the valve core, the two true pressure differences at the throttle port are automatically adjusted to keep them basically unchanged. Under its action, the flow of each valve remains constant and is not affected by load changes. Mechanical design, machining, design software, mechanical engineering, biomedical materials implanted into the body and the body's responder, equipment management, welding, hydraulic pressure, forging, sealing, measurement, engineering machinery, powder metallurgy, bearings, gears, pumps and valves, industrial automation

safety relief valve:

usually used for the limit protection of working mechanisms, such as luffing cylinder

electromagnetic relief valve:

used for the over limit protection of working mechanisms, For example, the torque limit of the crane and the three circle protection have strong color sense

proportional reducing valve:

located on the opposite side of the hand lever of the working valve disc, it is a direct acting proportional reducing valve, which drives the slide valve to realize proportional reversing. Note: the proportional reversing of the direct acting proportional reducing valve is not good compared with the manual proportional reversing. If it is used in applications with high flow control accuracy, the working valve disc with proportional servo drive configuration should be used. Rexroth, Bucher, delta power, Sauer-Danfoss all have servo driven proportional multi-channel valves

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