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Apple map has been bombarded with a large number of geographical errors: the farm is marked as an airport

as part of IOS 6 just released on Wednesday, Apple's new map application has been criticized worldwide due to a large number of geographical errors. The application mistakenly marked the city, mistakenly used the icon, and even could not show whether the hanger rod at some positions was straight or not. A lot of complaints come mainly from Europe

for example, Alan shatter, the Minister of justice of Ireland, asked apple to remove the icon that marked airfield house as an airport. Airfield house is not an airport, but a farm. Xia te may worry that pilots who rely on maps will think that this place is an airport and land on a farm with flocks of pigs and cows

of course, some people will say that pilots will use a better navigation system and will not rely on an application included in the iPhone. However, people are not overly worried, especially when flight equipment breaks down or emergency landing is required

according to BBC news, several locations in the UK have been moved or missing in Apple maps

Stratford upon Avon and Solihull cannot be found on Apple map. The town of uckfield, located in East Sussex, UK, was mislabeled on the apple map. Some schools are not marked, and a Home Furnishing Exhibition Hall is marked in the river. Satellite images of some locations, including Scotland, were covered by clouds

Asian users are also dissatisfied. Some users complained about the poor quality of the details of the Rotating Zigzag pole and did not mark the exit of the railway station

a twitter user pointed out that Apple map also created two Diaoyu Islands, and the user posted a message mocking that Apple might try to create two versions of Diaoyu Islands to solve the China Japan problem

some stations have listed the worst or funniest mistakes on Apple maps

Apple created the apple map application, but did not generate accurate data. Tom to is responsible for providing data when the amount of water added is changed, but the GPS manufacturer seems eager to avoid any criticism and expresses confidence in the quality of its map to the BBC

A spokesman for Tom Tom sent the following statement to CNET:

we provide maps and related content to mainstream manufacturers, including rim, HTC, Samsung, AOL, apple and Google (Google does not have its own maps in some regions). When users use a map, their experience is determined by two factors: the first is the basic content, which is currently provided by TomTom for the mobile industry, and the basic content is the foundation of the map. The second is to add additional functions with a total investment of 500million yuan to map applications, such as visual representation, which are created by manufacturers and third-party software providers on the basis of their vision and needs

it is also a common phenomenon that a new brand application is shoddy, but the problem is that these errors are major defects in Apple's map application.

what makes Apple embarrassed is that Apple has been advocating its map application and regards it as the best solution to replace Google maps

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