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On June, 2019, the Sixth China Post wind power market exchange and cooperation conference hosted by the wind machinery branch of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association was successfully held in Tianjin. As one of the co organizers of the conference, shell was invited to attend the event with the theme of "cooperation, co construction, sharing and win-win results". On the first day of the conference, shell published the theme report of "shell wind power one-stop lubrication solution and intelligent lubrication management", and on the thematic sub forum of "wind farm operation and maintenance and safety management" held the next day, Carry out in-depth discussions with colleagues in the industry on the topic of "preventive lubrication monitoring and professional maintenance to help wind power reduce costs and increase efficiency", and make suggestions and suggestions for promoting the healthy and orderly development of the post wind power market

the Sixth China wind power post market exchange and cooperation conference was successfully held

at present, with the full opening of wind power bidding, further reducing lcoe (leveled cost of energy) has become an important issue facing the wind power industry in the post subsidy era. At present, there is no more room to compress the unit cost. It has become an industry consensus to deeply cultivate the post wind power market and reduce the operation and maintenance cost. "China's wind power stock market is huge. Data show that by 2018, the cumulative installed capacity of wind power in China has reached 210million kW. 1. This figure is expected to climb to 250million kW in 2020." Yang Xiaosheng, chairman of the wind machinery branch of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, said in his opening speech, "with the continuous growth of domestic wind power installed capacity, the blue ocean of the market after wind power operation and maintenance has arrived. How to reduce costs and improve market competitiveness through reasonable operation and maintenance is an urgent problem for wind power enterprises and the entire energy field."

for this, Li Jia, technical manager of high-end industrial lubricants of shell (China) Co., Ltd., explained in the report: "Not only the Chinese wind turbine market, but also the global wind turbine market is also facing transformation. As a leader in wind turbine lubrication, shell is committed to continuously meeting the transformation needs of industry customers through innovation and cooperation, with a comprehensive wind turbine lubrication product system and intelligent lubrication management services, to help them reduce unexpected fan failures, better improve operation efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership."

Li Jia, technical manager of high-end industrial lubricants of shell (China) Co., Ltd., delivered a speech

at present, the electric lubrication products provided by shell, which are prone to damage and oil leakage of small pistons due to wind, have covered all lubrication points applied to fans, such as motor bearings, hydraulic systems, spindles, blade bearings, yaw bearings, yaw open teeth, yaw pitch gear boxes, main gear boxes, etc. Especially worth mentioning is the pressure resistant S5 wind synthetic fan gear oil with a ten-year warranty. It has excellent oxidation resistance and thermal degradation resistance, which helps promote online transactions and extend the oil change cycle. At the same time, it has reliable wear and corrosion resistance, which can help extend the service life of the equipment; Better low-temperature fluidity improves lubrication. Starting from the official application of the Chinese Academy of forestry in the natural science foundation in 1998, the concurrent electric speed and system efficiency of oil in low-temperature environment; Advanced foaming control and excellent filtration reduce fan gear and bearing failures. It is reported that since its release in 2014, the product has been used on many mainstream models around the world, with stable operation and no problems. It has successfully helped users improve the efficiency of wind turbines from the perspective of information retrieval and reduce operating costs

the high-performance lubricating products that are constantly upgraded and iterated are only one of the means for shell to comply with the market development after wind power operation and maintenance. In addition, shell also relies on professional, reliable and competitive lubrication management services to support the efficient operation of wind farms and continue to empower the industry. Specifically, shell has not only put into operation the world's first wind power service center (northwest base) of shell, launched the "wind power all-weather service package 2.0" containing automatic oil change vehicle and oil change and flushing services, but also complied with the trend of the times of digital development, and created a new platform for lubrication management - "shell Zhihui" wind power intelligent lubrication steward

sulixin, wind power lubrication technical consultant of shell (China) Co., Ltd., said at the special sub Forum: "Professional maintenance and preventive lubrication monitoring are essential to reduce unplanned downtime of fans and optimize maintenance costs. Shell Zhihui just meets the pain points of the industry and the needs of customers. Users can enjoy oil detection, replacement, flushing and other services just a little easier online. At the same time, the platform integrates many services such as lubeanalyst, lubecoach and lubrication technology training, which are transmitted through and lubrication Sensor interaction can give reasonable lubrication suggestions for the fan and ensure efficient lubrication of the equipment. "

sulixin, the wind power lubrication technical consultant of shell (China) Co., Ltd., made a wonderful sharing on the thematic discussion

as the leading brand with the largest global lubricant sales for 12 consecutive years, 3 shell has been galloping the Chinese wind power market for more than 10 years through continuous research, development and innovation. We believe that with the brand strategy of "working together to achieve infinite possibilities", shell will continue to bring new lubrication protection and new cost reduction space to domestic wind power equipment manufacturers and wind farm operators in the future, and help China's wind power industry create greater value

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