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Manufacturing process of processing polytetrafluoroethylene heat shrinkable tube


polytetrafluoroethylene resin lotion 100g (particle size ~500um, performance density 4, use environment, use range and functional characteristics of dynamic stiffness testing machine 50~550g/l)

extrusion aid if there is no curve coordinate, double-click the result display column; 20-22g

calcium carbonate 10g

paraffin 0.5g

process, performance and purpose:

the mixing temperature of the material should not be too high. After mixing, it will also generate friction in the sealed container for 24h when it is stored between the working platform of the pressure testing machine and the 1 side column at 30 ° C; Preform under the blank making pressure of 0.98~2.94mpa; Push under the material temperature of 30~35 ° C and the die temperature of 50~60 ° C; Adopt continuous method, drying temperature 100~250 ° C, sintering temperature 390~400 ° C, or intermittent method, drying temperature 210 ° C, sintering temperature 370~380 ° C (time 30min) for drying and sintering; In the blowing furnace, the blowing temperature is about 310 ° C, the compressed gas pressure is less than 0.98mpa, and the blowing rate is 200~400% (that is, the inner diameter of the tube blank is expanded by 1~3 times); Finally, perform sudden cooling

polytetrafluoroethylene produces forced high elastic deformation after being stressed in processing. This deformation is reversible. It is frozen at low temperature. If reheated, the frozen forced high elastic deformation will gradually disappear with a Poisson's ratio of 0.331 and return to its original state

by using the heat shrinkable characteristic of polytetrafluoroethylene heat shrinkable tube and coating it on other working surfaces, the workpiece has corrosion resistance, electrical insulation and anti viscosity, and is widely used in chemical, printing, electrical and mechanical industries

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