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The market capacity of centrifuges is up to 4.8 billion, and the development prospect of magnetic levitation centrifuges is promising.

magnetic levitation centrifuges are a necessary equipment in central air conditioning and other fields. Compared with traditional centrifuges, magnetic levitation centrifuges have achieved breakthroughs in core technology, and have performance advantages such as high efficiency, energy conservation, accuracy, and long service life of products made by Jinan experimental machine factory. They are widely used in hotels, construction, high-speed rail and other fields

from the perspective of the development environment of the centrifuge market as a whole, the development of the centrifuge market slowed down in 2017 due to the uncertainty of the national macroeconomic trend and the in-depth regulation of the real estate market. However, with the acceleration of information construction, data center, nuclear power field and rail transit field are also developing at a high speed, which is bound to create favorable conditions for the development of centrifuges. According to statistics, in 2017, the overall market capacity of centrifugal and oil pump motor was about 4.8 billion yuan

according to relevant statistics, at present, magnetic levitation centrifuge products account for more than 20% of China's centrifuge market share. As a new technology and product, magnetic levitation centrifuge has attracted more and more market attention. In recent years, as more and more central air-conditioning manufacturers have joined the camp of excessive production of magnetic levitation centrifuges, relevant products have been upgraded rapidly, and the resources invested by manufacturers are also continuously strengthened, and the market ushers in a golden period of development

according to the white paper on the development of magnetic levitation centrifuge segment industry, China has become the largest manufacturer and consumer market of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment in the world, with more than 1000 manufacturing enterprises above the scale of the whole industry. Among them, Haier magnetic levitation central air conditioning occupies the first place in the industry with 76% market share, and has achieved the first market growth rate for five consecutive years

it is understood that Haier magnetic levitation centrifuge is a complex with the most internationally leading technologies, including magnetic levitation technology, oil-free lubrication technology, etc. Haier magnetic levitation centrifuges are widely used in various industries. So far, Haier magnetic levitation centrifuges have covered the whole country, occupying a monopoly market position in the domestic market, and magnetic levitation centrifuges are expanding overseas markets. In the future, magnetic levitation centrifuges will also usher in a new round of development

in terms of the global market share of magnetic levitation centrifuges, Australia accounts for more than 70%, Europe for more than 50%, and the United States for more than 30%, while China, Latin America, Southeast Asia and other countries have a relatively low share of magnetic levitation air conditioning products. Therefore, the magnetic levitation Centrifuge Market in China will have a very broad development prospect in the future

in the future, the cooling capacity of units will be larger and larger, the volume of units will be smaller, the technology will be more mature, and the price will be more advantageous. These are the development directions pursued by magnetic levitation centrifuge products. It is believed that with the continuous breakthrough of technology, magnetic levitation centrifuge products will also have more competitive advantages

with the gradual recovery of China's centrifuge market, the market scale of centrifuges is further expanded, and more novel magnetic levitation products must be perceived into the market, which will create more possibilities for the market application of centrifuges. In the new year, with the support of national policies and market demand, China's centrifuges are expected to enter a benign development track

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