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MEMS sensors set off a revolution in the consumer electronics experience. Factors such as the rapidly declining price and the software tools greatly improved to simplify the design are expected to become the driving force to promote the application of a new generation of inertial sensors and bring differentiation to mobile consumer devices. Although the iPhone and Wii game consoles with built-in micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) accelerometers for the first time have revolutionized the user interface by introducing gesture recognition, product designers still spend a lot of time figuring out how to give full play to the performance of inertial sensors

now, thanks to the declining price, the maturity of the relevant design knowledge base and environment, and the simpler sensor design, inertial sensors are preparing to enter a wider range of gesture recognition and precise location applications; Yole development, a market research institution, estimates that those new developments will promote the penetration rate of accelerometers, magnetometers and other components to nearly 50% within five years

at present, gyroscope is the basic equipment of almost all tablet devices, mainly because Apple iPad accounts for more than 90% of the market. In addition, yole development also expects that the application scale of inertial sensors in the field of consumer electronics will reach an average annual growth of about 24% in the next five years, and the shipment volume will reach 5billion in 2015 after rough processing

however, the application of inertial sensors outside the game field still has some limitations at present; Accelerometer has been a necessary equipment for products to provide the switching function between horizontal screen and vertical screen, and some products are also used to provide the function of pedometer. Magnetometer was widely adopted last year to provide correct navigation and pointing function. In addition, the multiaxis MEMS gyroscope has just reached the acceptable price point and production capacity of consumer products, and has entered almost all flat-panel devices for the first time. In the initial stage, it mainly focused on the application of games

lower prices will help stimulate wider adoption; Yole foresees that the price of discrete inertial sensor elements will continue to fall. Taking the three-axis accelerometer as an example, it will fall from $0.7 in 2010 to $0.3 or less than $0.1 per axis in 2015. Part of the reason for the decrease in the cost of such schemes is that the accelerometer and magnetometer, or the accelerometer and gyroscope can be packaged together, so that two sensor devices can share an ASIC controller; This also improves sensor data

another reason to drive the permeability of MEM sensors is that it is becoming easier to convert sensor output data into useful applications. Leading suppliers such as st and invensense can provide more and more software and program libraries, making it easier for tablet device manufacturers to add basic gesture recognition functions to system products

specialized motion sensor software suppliers, such as movea and Hillcrest, recently held an investor communication meeting labs in Futian District, Shenzhen. They can also provide device agnostic software tools to support a wider range of applications, especially applications such as wireless mice and TV remote controls that can be controlled through gestures. In addition, the latest version of Android operating system supports some motion processing application interfaces (APIs), and future versions are expected to support more sophisticated actions

lg's androidoptimus black uses a gyroscope to provide a convenient one handed control interface. Users can switch screen images by tilting (a thumb button on the side can start the gyroscope); This is the first product to adopt invensense gyroscope, a MEMS start-up company founded by Sun Tzu Yue. The fact that this small fabless supplier can obtain such a large-scale design case means that the OEM technology in the MEMS industry chain has matured and the output has stabilized. In addition, whether it is supported by invensense or Android Software, it can smoothly convert sensor data into various functions

in a short time, the gyroscope will also be used to improve the image. The Fe-Cr-C high chromium cast iron surfacing welding wire is widely used in some wear-resistant equipment and products such as metallurgy, mining and building materials; The wear-resistant particle wear mechanism of the surfacing material mainly uses the primary carbide with high hardness in the Fe-Cr-C hypereutectic structure as the hard phase and the stability of the wear-resistant phase. At present, the element has also been used in the TV remote control to simplify the use of the TV. At present, a new TV product launched by LG that supports the point and click remote control function is equipped with the gesture recognition software of Hillcrest labs, which can perform sensor data fusion, calibration and signal processing, remove defects in the data and compensate for temperature changes, so as to generate a more accurate data flow, and then combine it with the mouse pointing function to provide a precise point and click function, making the TV function easier to operate

it seems that the main force to promote the application of inertial sensors in portable consumer products will be the demand for more accurate positioning and navigation information; According to GPS chipset suppliers, their customers are looking for more reliable pedestrian navigation functions, which can be combined with outdoor and indoor maps to support location aware searches, allowing users to find the required location information. Accelerometers and magnetometers are the key to this kind of navigation function. When combined with gyroscopes and pressure sensors, they can accurately track the user's pace and direction changes, and infer the user's position where wireless or satellite signals cannot be received

some infrastructures are also under development. For example, in the United States, service providers such as point inside can provide indoor map and location services for some shopping centers and airports, which can be combined with store promotion information. The functions of data search and augmented reality in the store will require a complete set of sensors with higher accuracy and low drift to further improve the accuracy from tens of meters to a few meters

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