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Merchants hope to limit the price of plastic shopping bags. It was reported yesterday that the management measures for paid use of plastic shopping bags drafted by the Ministry of Commerce and other departments have been completed to solicit opinions and are expected to be issued next month. According to the management measures, plastic shopping bags charged after June 1 must all be made of high-strength, high toughness - low quenching sensitivity aluminum alloy large-scale materials, and the sales quantity and price shall be listed on the sales voucher. Illegal businesses such as free distribution will be fined up to 30000 yuan

in view of the relevant provisions on the separate sale of plastic shopping bags and the maximum fine, retail enterprises hope that the relevant departments will further clarify the charging standard of plastic shopping bags while strictly controlling the plastic restrictions, so as to prevent the symbolic charges of individual businesses from interfering with the whole market

failed to further confirm with the Ministry of Commerce on the implementation details of the paid use of plastic bags yesterday. However, we learned the contents from the draft for comments issued by the Ministry of Commerce to retail enterprises. It is reported that the exposure draft for the paid use of plastic bags makes it clear that retail places must clearly mark the price of plastic bags in eye-catching positions, and shall not provide free distribution in the form of gifts or disguised forms. At the same time, the plastic bags sold in retail places shall be the same as other commodities, and the quantity and price shall be listed separately on the sales voucher, which shall not be included in the price of other commodities for consolidated collection; Those who violate the regulations will be punished

facing the approaching plastic limit date on June 1, merchants hope that all retail enterprises can be uniform in plastic limit. Therefore, they expect relevant departments to issue detailed rules as soon as possible to make specific provisions on the charging price of plastic shopping bags

due to the lack of clear charging standards in the exposure draft, most businesses are worried that they will leave space available for individual enterprises, and may reduce the price of plastic shopping bags in disguise through plastic marketing to attract customers. Gaojingsheng, deputy general manager of Jingkelong, said: if plastic shopping bags are charged, at least the price of plastic shopping bags should not be lower than the purchase price

the implementation of minimum price will reduce unfair competition among retail enterprises to a certain extent. Li Ang, manager of the administrative department of Lianhua North District at the beginning of Yi thought. Fuyu, public relations director of Wumart group, also expressed the hope that the government departments can unify the model and price of plastic shopping bags, set the price threshold, and do not let the charge become a mere formality

although the charging method for plastic shopping bags has not been officially introduced, some businesses have begun to try to charge. It is understood that, following the practice of collecting support fees for leading enterprises in Shanghai stores, lotus is expected to try out charging fees in Beijing stores in May; However, the current pricing is still under negotiation, and the merchant disclosed that it will not be higher than 0.3 yuan. In addition, Wumart is also negotiating with plastic bag manufacturers to start printing bar codes for plastic bags used after June 1

the management measures for paid use of plastic shopping bags stipulate that plastic shopping bags are prohibited from being provided free of charge, but the plastic packaging bags (i.e. plastic roll bags) containing fresh food, cooked food, pasta and other commodities are clearly not within the scope of charges. In this regard, people in the retail industry have expressed concern that the charging of plastic shopping bags will inevitably increase the use of free plastic bags. In particular, large roll bags may also be used as shopping bags by consumers, which will affect the real promotion of plastic restriction to a certain extent

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