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Memory market "skyrocketing" foam is about to burst in 2019

recently, the American Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) announced that, led by the strong growth of memory, the global semiconductor sales in May 2017 reached US $31.9 billion, up 1.9% compared with the previous month; Compared with the same period last year, it soared to 22.6%, and the annual growth rate reached a new high since September 2010. The annual growth rate of all major markets in the world reached more than 15%

the increase in the price of storage components means that the original flash manufacturers, such as Samsung, Hynix, Toshiba and micron, have benefited a lot from the increase in the price of NAND flash memory and DRAM memory

among them, Meguiar has turned losses into profits. According to the second quarter financial report released by micron, the company achieved a revenue of $4.65 billion in the quarter, up 58% year-on-year. The net profit reached US $894million, compared with us $180million in the first quarter and a net loss of US $97million in the same period last year

as the leader of storage components, Samsung is making a lot of money

on the 9th of this month, Samsung Electronics officially released the revenue guidelines for the second quarter of 2017. The data showed that the sales volume in the second quarter was about 60trillion won (about 353billion yuan), and the operating profit was 14trillion won (about 82.4 billion yuan), an increase of 72% compared with 8.14 trillion won (about 47.9 billion yuan) in the same period last year, creating its highest single quarter sales and profit record

in the second quarter, the revenue of Samsung Semiconductor business has also surpassed Intel, becoming the largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world by revenue

although the market believes that the reason for the sharp rise in memory is simply the imbalance between supply and demand, some people in the industry say that this round of price rise is not entirely determined by market supply and demand, nor does it rule out the possibility that some nandflash suppliers deliberately do it - it is difficult to say whether this is a "tacit" price rise by some Japanese and Korean suppliers

but recently, according to the Korean national report, Gartner predicted that Samsung Electronics would lose many of the gains it has made this year. For example, although the global semiconductor sales of steel strand exceeded US $400billion for the first time this year, the prosperity will disappear by 2019

According to Gartner's analysis, although Samsung Electronics currently enjoys business opportunities, due to the characteristics of the semiconductor industry, the supply of future companies will increase in the future, resulting in lower prices and lower operating profits. All enterprises are investing in the semiconductor industry on a large scale, so a cycle of supply exceeding demand and supply exceeding demand is forming. Let's learn about the standard configuration

gart under high temperature (>200 ℃), Andrew Norwood, vice president of tner research, speculated that "enterprises invest a lot in the storage market, but will lose these profits again. It is speculated that the memory market foam will burst in 2019 as storage suppliers increase new supply. This also means that Samsung Electronics will lose many of the gains it has made in storage semiconductors this year"

for the super prosperity of semiconductors this year, Norwood, vice president of Norwood, said that "the lack of storage has led to the prosperity of the whole market. The weight of this new material from wood pulp is only one fifth of that of steel. Memory manufacturers have raised the prices of DRAM and NAND, and at the same time, their sales and earnings have also increased.

how long will this crazy price rise boom last

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