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The application of hot melt adhesive in carton outer packaging will be more extensive.

as a new type of carton and carton packaging sealing form that is often used to measure the physical properties of materials or products, hot melt adhesive sealing has partially replaced the traditional strapping packaging and tape packaging, and is applied to the carton outer packaging of various foods and the carton outer packaging of wine, dairy products and other products. Due to the advantages of good packaging quality, beautiful appearance and low cost, the application of hot melt adhesive sealing box will be more and more widely

advantages of hot melt adhesive box sealing

hot melt adhesive box sealing is to use the hot melt machine to melt the hot melt adhesive into a liquid, and then send it to the surface of the carton through the throat and spray gun of the hot melt machine. The hot melt adhesive is bonded after cooling. It can meet the requirements of carton sealing and overcome the defects of traditional carton sealing

good packaging quality

transport cartons must be able to withstand temperature, humidity changes and rough handling, but it is difficult to meet this requirement with adhesive tape because of its poor bonding strength, low tensile strength and poor adhesion to coated or oily cardboard

the hot melt adhesive has good adhesion with the wet material and strong penetration. It plays a physical and chemical bonding role between the corrugated paper and the linerboard at the same time. After bonding, the overall strength of the carton is enhanced, and the carton is not easy to deform and crack. In addition, the hot melt adhesive coating system can apply the adhesive to the key parts of various shapes, such as the folding cover in the carton

secondly, the adhesive tape has poor low temperature resistance and is easy to open in the cold climate in the north; The hot melt adhesive has good low temperature resistance and can withstand -40 ℃. Moreover, the storage period of hot melt adhesive is up to 2 years, the storage area is small, and there are no special storage requirements; The storage period of adhesive tape is only half a year, and certain storage conditions are required, otherwise it is easy to deteriorate

hot melt adhesive also provides a good anti-theft function. As the adhesive penetrates into the corrugated, any attempt to open the carton will tear the fiber. The adhesive tape can be cut with a knife, unknowingly take away the contents and seal again

beautiful appearance

nowadays, businesses require that while packaging goods, they can also transmit them through packaging pattern and appearance design. Our research institutions in Japan and the United States also use this kind of machine to carry out research to achieve product and company image. Therefore, the less factors that hinder the appearance, the better. The tape often blocks the image and interferes with the transmission of packaging information; The hot melt adhesive is bonded between the folding wings, which can provide a larger display space

low cost

it is fast to seal the box with hot melt adhesive. The whole bonding process can be completed in only 1~3 seconds. It is suitable for mass production with low energy consumption and low cost. The sealing cost of standard corrugated box hot melt adhesive is about 32 yuan/1000 boxes, which is the middle price of hot melt adhesive, while the middle price of tape sealing is about 10 points of Dr. Achala de Mel, which is optimistic about 120 yuan/1000 boxes

if hot melt adhesive is used, adding adhesive during processing will not cause shutdown; Replacing the tape requires shutdown. Moreover, the box may not be equipped with a partition board, and the sealing strength is greater than that of the case with a partition board inside when the box is sealed with adhesive tape, which can reduce the cost of the partition board

selection of hot melt adhesive

the affinity between hot melt adhesive and different bonded materials is different. In order to make the hot melt adhesive give better play to its "Stickiness", the following factors should be carefully considered when selecting hot melt adhesive

color. Due to the different colors of the bonded objects, the color requirements of the hot melt adhesive should be different. If the object to be bonded has no special color, it should be reduced by 0.41%. It is recommended to use yellow hot melt adhesive. Generally speaking, yellow hot melt adhesive is better than white adhesive

surface treatment of the bonded object. The surface treatment of the hot melt adhesive is not as strict as that of other adhesives, but the dust and oil stains on the surface of the adhesive should also be properly treated to make the hot melt adhesive play a better role in bonding

operation time. Quick operation is a major feature of hot melt adhesive. The operation time of hot melt adhesive is generally about 15 seconds. With the wide application of modern production mode - assembly line, the operation time of hot melt adhesive is required to be shorter and shorter

temperature resistance. Hot melt adhesive is sensitive to temperature. When the temperature reaches a certain level, the hot melt adhesive begins to soften; Below a certain temperature, the hot melt adhesive will become brittle, so the selection of hot melt adhesive must fully consider the change of ambient temperature

stickiness. The viscosity of hot melt adhesive is divided into early viscosity and late viscosity. Only when the early viscosity is consistent with the late viscosity can the hot melt adhesive and the bonded object remain stable. In the production process of hot melt adhesive, it shall be ensured that it has oxygen resistance, halogen resistance, acid alkali resistance and plasticization

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