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The merchants' new plan to buy a pearl to lure children

toys are children's favorite, so many manufacturers put toys or cards in children's food to attract children to buy. But soon it will be banned. So, how is the children's food on the Hangzhou market doing in this regard? It is common to put cards in food. Recently, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China authorized the China children's nutrition center to develop a complete certification scheme for the food safety system. The new standard will introduce a series of restrictions, including putting toys and cards into food bags. Yesterday afternoon, I visited some supermarkets in Hangzhou. A salesperson told me that since this year, few food manufacturers have produced toys or cards. However, toys or cards were still found in some puffed foods. On the packaging bag of "miaozuijiao", there was a "send NBA attack star card". After standing next to the price of a supermarket for a while, I found that most of the people who came to buy were children. Mr. Lin, who brought his children to pick up the "magic crispy corner", didn't like the cards in the food. "Because peek has a very good comprehensive physical, mechanical, electrical, thermal, chemical and other properties and has direct contact with these card packaging bags, our parents are really worried about eating such things. In addition, there are 24 cards in a set. He has eaten more than 100 bags and hasn't collected them yet. The merchants are too cunning." After all, a bag of "wonderful crispy corners" costs 2.6 yuan, and a hundred bags will cost 260 yuan. If you don't collect them, you have to continue to eat. Putting cards in food can make children continue to buy. No wonder businesses are reluctant to give up this clever trick. Food with card toys is easier to find in small shops. After observing a small department store near Baida, I found that there were several kinds of this kind of food. The boss told me that the snacks with toys or cards were very easy to sell. They could be sold out within two days after they were put on the shelves, which was far more than the food that had not been put. Many children buy toys for toys. They open them directly in the store. If the ratio of height to diameter of cast iron compression test pieces is 2:1, they will buy another bag. Response: let children buy the Pearl. The State prohibits putting cards or toys in food, but it is very attractive to children. So what should we do? Although the ban will be implemented for some time, it is clear that businesses have already begun to respond. Some businesses bundle toys outside the packaging bag, or directly make the packaging into the appearance of toys in response to the "prohibition order". For example, the packaging of candy is designed into cars, heart-shaped boxes, savings cans and stationery boxes, and jelly is also placed in car or house shaped plastic boxes. Of course, such food is much more expensive than ordinary food. Xizhilang's 40 piece calcium lactate jelly costs 11.4 yuan. It also comes with a car model. "It's delicious and fun" is very attractive. But by comparison, if you buy the same kind of bulk jelly, it only costs 7.9 yuan. But the packaged jelly with toys sold better than that in bulk, the salesperson at the counter told me. In Dafan house, a customer spent 148 yuan to buy a box of 120 grams of "Hello Kitty" Swiss candy with a delicate dressing box. The customer told me that this was a gift for his friend's daughter's 10th birthday. "The price is a little expensive, but the packaging is beautiful. Now children don't lack food. They just like these beautiful packaging boxes!" The salesperson also said that the customers who bought food in the store all looked at the Chinese and foreign packaging. For example, strawberry flavor sold better than raisin flavor fruit juice fudge, largely because its pink packaging was more attractive

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