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Melexis introduces light sensor mlx75305 designed for automotive applications

melexis introduces mlx75305light to voltagesensoryectm. This is the second member of the sensoreyectm series of light sensors that adjust the push plate inward. It is designed for high-capacity automotive, industrial and consumer electronics applications. The output voltage of the optical sensor changes linearly with the incident light

mlx75305 is an integrated sensor IC, which means that photodiodes, transimpedance amplifiers and linear voltage output stages are included in the sensor chip. This ensures stable light sensitivity at all times and temperatures, and greatly improves the noise characteristics compared with the design using digital photodiodes. Devices simplify application design, require fewer external devices and improve quality

melexis could not last for 15 years before introducing this optical sensor to increase its mechanical properties through appropriate heat treatment process. Instead, when the sensoreyectm device was baked in a 150 ℃ oven and maintained the power on state, the total test running time exceeded 500 hours. This test accelerates the aging of the 258 coefficient of the sensor at 55 ℃, so the corresponding service life exceeds 132000 hours

mlx75305 is suitable for measuring ambient brightness or controlling LED brightness for LCD backlight brightness applications. Its unique characteristics are:

- high linear voltage output

- brightness response is relatively independent of temperature

- small DFN open package: 3mmx3mmx0.65mm (also so8 package)

- very high position accuracy: small symmetrical DFN package, which provides the precision of photodiodes higher than ± 85um

--40 ℃ to +125 ℃ extended operating temperature range, meeting aec-q100 Automotive specifications, +The 85 ℃ consumer version can also provide

- lead-free solder reflow compatible with 260 ℃ peak processing temperature

mlx75305light to voltagesensor, which raises the price of postal cartons. Eyectm is suitable for a large number of applications:

1 LCD backlight lighting control of TV, laptop, GPS receiver and portable multimedia player makes the screen easier to see and helps reduce battery power consumption of portable devices

2 Finger detection. Such as automatic activation of faucet and hand dryer

d lighting: LED light density color monitoring

4 Automotive applications include automatic brightness control of instrument panel and display, headlight switch control and hand detection of door opening

mlx75305 can be supplied at present with a delivery period of 16 weeks. The price of mlx75305sensoreyectm consumer version in medium quantity is 0.30$usd

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