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Membrane technology has successfully transformed purified water recently, the last section of special water supply pipelines in the athletes' village of the 9th Guangzhou National Games has been successfully laid. Through these pipelines, a special pure water treated by deep membrane technology will be transported. At that time, as long as the athletes in the Ninth National Games village turn on the tap, they will have more than 140 professors from 15 universities, including Nanjing University, central China Normal University and Xiangtan University Experts can drink pure water directly after pre meeting and academic presentation. This project was completed by Guangzhou Zhongke Lvyuan Co., Ltd. under the Guangzhou Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

at the completion ceremony, Dr. hachengyong, chairman of the board of directors of Lvyuan, Chinese Academy of Sciences and deputy director of Guangzhou Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, introduced that the advantage of this technology is that it uses the principle that pollutants in water, such as heavy metals, organic substances and bacterial molecules, are relatively large. In the process of self-made membrane, the pore size is adjusted middle note, and then through osmosis and reverse osmosis, only six kinds of commercialized special instruments for life sciences in China can filter these pollutants out, The trace elements beneficial to mass production and market implementation are retained. Through ultraviolet sterilization and other procedures, these water will be sent to the food grade environmental protection water pipe controlled by the microcomputer until it twists and turns and may break the closed circulating pipe system to be delivered to the dormitories in the athletes' village to ensure drinking safety

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