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Members of Ningbo coating and coating industry association go to the WorldExpo to learn from the experience

at the WorldExpo, you can not only appreciate the local conditions and customs of various countries, but also feel the charm of science and technology for the multi-functional electronic tensile testing machine. Last weekend, the "business daily takes you to the Expo" activity jointly sponsored by the southeast business daily and Zhelun overseas travel agency, together with 90 members of Ningbo coating and coating industry association, walked into the Expo to observe the most advanced technologies in the coating industry. In order to enable the members of the association to have an in-depth understanding of the WorldExpo from a professional perspective, the business daily specially recommended to them the zero carbon Pavilion in London, the Qatar Pavilion, the China Pavilion and other pavilions that can reflect the coating technology

zero carbon Pavilion in London: energy conservation and emission reduction with coatings

the Shanghai WorldExpo urban best case practice area shows the advanced practices of some cities around the world. Many urban cases convey the concept of low carbon, green and environmental protection. As strongly recommended by this newspaper, Mr. Wu, the head of a chemical raw material company in Jiangbei, specially went to this exhibition area to "learn lessons"

the zero carbon Pavilion in London is very simple in appearance, but when you go indoors, you will find that the temperature is much lower than that outdoors. Mr. Wu immediately asked the staff for the secret. It turned out that a water-based nano thermal insulation additive was added to the exterior wall coating of the zero carbon Pavilion. On the one hand, it can prevent heat from penetrating the wall and reflect the heat radiation entering the wall. On the other hand, it also reduces the humidity of the wall and prevents moisture from damaging the insulation layer, thus making the interior "warm in winter and cool in summer". There is also a special layer of fluorescent paint on the outer wall, which enables the building to store solar energy during the day and release fluorescence at night, reducing lighting energy consumption. Through these design concepts, the zero carbon Pavilion provides visitors with an environmentally friendly and comfortable future life experience

after listening to the introduction, Mr. Wu felt deeply: "I didn't expect that if fluorescein continuously recorded the tensile resistance and elongation light coating, it would also have the effect of energy saving and emission reduction. We also sold fluorescent coating, but now it is only used in the production of safety appliances, toys, packaging materials, billboards and other dazzling commodities and objects. I hope that the advanced technology of the zero carbon Pavilion can be promoted as soon as possible, and we can use this special fluorescent coating in our houses in the future."

Qatar Pavilion: a technological revolution in coating

as the saying goes, "the layman watches the excitement, the expert watches the doorway". The coating used on the outer walls of various pavilions at the WorldExpo is a technological revolution in the eyes of these professional visitors. Mr. Du runs a paint factory in Yinzhou, specializing in water-based paint. After visiting the Qatar Pavilion, he has a new computer adjustment method for enterprise production and operation

the shape of Qatar Pavilion is a Desert Castle. In order to create this effect, it is necessary to spray uneven sand dunes on the outer wall of color steel plate with paint. "I checked the information of this venue on the, and it is not easy to make the effect. It represents a great progress in the development of the domestic coating industry, and it is also the pride of the coating industry." Mr. Du said that the traditional exterior wall coating process is that the coating is sprayed on the putty of cement mortar and firmly bonded. It is conceivable that it is difficult to directly bond a coating with a thickness of sevenoreight millimeters on a color steel plate as smooth as a mirror

"the winning enterprise finally developed the special interface agent and relief aggregate for color steel plate, plus the nano coating used on the surface, the three major problems in the construction process, such as modeling, waterproof and adhesion, were solved." Mr. Du told us that at present, there are more than 100 large and small paint manufacturers in Ningbo, but almost none of them have independent technology R & D workshops. Most of them buy the formulas of foreign or domestic large enterprises for production and processing

"if the core competitiveness of an enterprise is in the hands of others, it will have no say in the market, and it will be controlled by others. While expanding the market, the manufacturing enterprises in Ningbo should also calmly think about the development of technology research and development. I hope that one day, Ningbo coating enterprises can also show their style at the future WorldExpo."

China Pavilion: "China Red" is high in science and technology.

90 members of the municipal coating and coating industry association also visited the China Pavilion. During this period, members watched and studied, and praised the superb coating technology of the China Pavilion. Upon entering the China Pavilion, many people were not in a hurry to see the layout of the pavilion. Instead, they gathered around the doors and windows and studied it carefully. Yuanrongrong, an employee of Ningbo high tech Zone Dongsheng science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., which has undertaken major projects such as Hangzhou Bay sea crossing bridge and Ningbo Ring Expressway, told me that it is said that all doors and windows of the China Pavilion are made of lom-e glass. The glass surface contains light storage paint that can reflect heat, which can convert sunlight into electricity and store it to provide energy for building exterior wall lighting. She is very interested in this, You must have a careful look this time

many people expressed heartfelt admiration for the "China Red" coat on the outer wall of the China Pavilion. According to the venue staff, the venue adopts a group of "China Red" composed of four exterior colors and three interior colors. The "China Red" facade, which is composed of various red colors, with the continuous improvement of building energy conservation and comfort requirements in China, can form a unified, stable and classic red color under the conditions of sunlight refraction in the day, light projection at night and different visual conditions. The facade of "China Red" presents a mechanism similar to that of textile corduroy, which can enrich the color level under the same light and make "China Red" live in people's vision. Xudongming of Yinzhou Shengbang powder Co., Ltd. sighed: "the China Pavilion is first-class in terms of painting technology and color blending. It is the best Pavilion in the Shanghai WorldExpo!"

Ningbo enterprises feel the new concept

yuxingna, director of the municipal coating and coating industry association, told us that the Expo is not only a carnival like carnival, but also a centralized display of global high-end coating technologies and products. Historically, many emerging technologies have been promoted with the help of the WorldExpo. At the Shanghai WorldExpo, the utilization of global high-end coating technologies and products is also a topic of great concern and worth discussing by the coating industry. Around the new coating technology displayed at the Expo, the market still has great potential to be tapped in this regard

after the visit, the heads of several paint manufacturers said that in terms of the trend of "post WorldExpo effect", the Expo venue construction emphasizes "green, energy saving and environmental protection" in its design concept, which directly promotes the development of the bid winning enterprises of new technology, new energy and new materials. The biggest stimulus for coating enterprises is not a new coating product, but a concept. The low-carbon concept promoted by the Expo will directly "radiate" to the production mode of more coating enterprises, and encourage Ningbo enterprises to transform to the direction of high efficiency and low consumption

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