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Mengniu reshapes its new image for the first time in 13 years. After COFCO took over, Mengniu is trying to create a new image and rebuild consumer confidence. On September 20, Mengniu released its new brand image in Beijing, In the past, under the blue sky and white clouds on the product packaging, groups of cows roamed the grassland. A drop of milk under the green grass pressed the "start" button to start the electromechanical (replaced by the red signal light, which echoes the new brand slogan of "just a little happiness". This is the first large-scale image change of Mengniu in the 13 years since its establishment.

it is reported that the first batch of products to be replaced with new packaging include pure milk and basic functional milk, which will be switched synchronously in the national market. Since September 21, Mengniu has gradually put new packaged milk on shelves in more than one million sales points nationwide.

Mengniu will not replace its packaging once Sexual completion. Of course, it is best to complete it at one time, but it may cause waste of existing packaging. Wangdingmian, a zero industry expert, said that Mengniu chose pure milk with large sales and relatively high-end basic milk this time

wangdingmian said that after all kinds of negative experiences, consumers' trust in Mengniu has dropped sharply. Mengniu's change of image packaging is to send a message to the outside world. According to the traditional classification method, COFCO can be divided into five categories: metal material testing machine, non-metal material testing machine, dynamic balance testing machine, vibrating table and nondestructive testing machine. After taking over, Mengniu will have new changes and therefore appear vitality

however, according to Wang dingmian, the key to reshaping consumer confidence is not packaging, but internal management and product quality

Ning Gaoning, chairman of COFCO group and chairman of Mengniu Group, attended the press conference on September 20. Ning Gaoning said that Mengniu has a strong determination to change and has made a long-term and detailed plan for change

since sunyiping, from COFCO, took over as president of Mengniu in April this year, Mengniu has repeatedly made a voice of reinventing itself to the outside world. In terms of milk source, Mengniu claims that 100% of its raw milk will come from large-scale pastures by 2015. On September 5, Mengniu also signed an agreement with Arla foods, the world's fifth largest dairy company. 1. The experimental mechanism for wiping peel strength with wiping materials and detergent was established to establish a china denmark dairy technology cooperation center. The research topics include four aspects: pasture and milk source management, dairy production management, product research and development, and relations with customers and consumers

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