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Mercedes Benz beijing-5 standard heavy truck now accepts user orders after entering the country

Mercedes Benz beijing-5 standard heavy truck now accepts user orders after entering the country

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recently, Mercedes Benz all series tractors have been certified by relevant government departments and become the first batch of imported high-end euro-v heavy trucks that enter the Chinese market, meet the national and beijing-5 emission standards and strictly meet WTC requirements, As a result, Mercedes Benz became the first truck supplier to bring imported Euro V emission standard products to Chinese users. The certified Mercedes Benz bluetec 5 all series tractor is about to be launched in China, and now we accept user orders

Mercedes Benz Beijing five standard heavy truck has entered the country

in recent years, the relevant laws and regulations on environmental protection and vehicle emissions have become increasingly stringent, with special emphasis on new electrolyte systems (including solvents, solutes and additives), functional electrolytes suitable for high nickel NCM power batteries (including additives), electrolytes suitable for energy storage batteries (including additives in particular), low-temperature electrolytes, high-temperature (150 ℃) and flame-retardant electrolytes. On January 1 this year, China's new environmental protection law was put into effect; On the same day, the sales of diesel vehicles of the third National Congress of the people's Republic of China were completely stopped; As early as 2013, local regulations with higher requirements such as "Beijing five" (equivalent to European V) have been implemented. We can see that clean trucks have become the common demand of the country, society, people and users

as the inventor of cars and trucks, Mercedes Benz is committed to creating economic and environmental friendly truck products, improving the cleanliness of emissions and reducing environmental pollution. The researchers of bluetec 5, which will be launched soon, build relevant models of all series of tractors, and continue to use bluetec, which Mercedes Benz is proud of? Technology, efficient engine combined with advanced SCR (selective catalytic reduction) technology can further reduce the emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (P, which is to loosen the oil return valve m) and other substances without increasing fuel consumption

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