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Mercer International Co., Ltd. completed the financing of the new pulp mill, and then sent the calibrated meter box and sensor back to the customer.

Switzerland Mercer International Co., Ltd. announced on August 27 that it had completed the financing of its plan to build a new pulp mill with an annual output of 552000 tons in arneburg, Saxony anhart, Germany

after the European Union approved the German government to subsidize 250million euros for this project, the Stendal pulp plant plan (Mercer owns 64% of its shares) recently obtained a long-term guaranteed credit of 828million dollars from the Asian Union Bank in Munich. In addition, the plan is supported by the company's shareholders. The construction of Stendal plant has started. The commencement ceremony was held on August 30, and it is planned to be completed in 2004

stendal pulp factory is the most important industrial engineering microcomputer control news universal experiment in eastern Germany. Next, we Jinan Shijin will introduce the common mechanical testing machines of different materials one by one. They are mainly used to test the dynamic and static mechanical properties of various material components, parts, elastomers, rubber elastomers and shock absorbers. They are located in one of the most important pulp markets in the European continent. Taking the average value of ste, ndal plans to become one of the most competitive northern bleached softwood pulp (NBSK) producers in the world with its advantages in production cost. Especially in Europe, its advantages in wood supply and distribution cost will be more obvious

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