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Kunming merchants have tricks to promote Pu'er tea packaging

the day before yesterday, in Kunming avant-garde tea market, a brand-new Pu'er tea packaging attracted the attention of many consumers: a horse model moving forward, and two bamboo tea baskets on its back became a 56 room Pu'er tea packaging box. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, businesses show their own magic power, and renovate packaging to seize the market

it is understood that the gift tea packaging named "Tea Horse Ancient Road (the principle of Dian Ma's wear state is the same as the above but No. 1) statistical display" was developed by Kunming Jiaqing Nianhua Tea Industry Co., Ltd. and Kunming qiaosida Wood Co., Ltd. in order to ensure the intellectual property rights of the appearance design, "Dian Ma No. 1" has applied for a patent

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