Three factors that determine the success of market

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Sales is a purposeful behavior. A salesperson must find ways to achieve a certain goal. The greater the desire for success, the faster the development, and determine the height of his success

strong desire for success

sales is a purposeful behavior. A salesperson must find ways to achieve a certain goal. The greater the desire for success, the faster it develops, which determines the height of his success. One day, the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates took a young man studying to the river and suddenly pushed him into the river. At first, a Socrates joked with him and didn't care. Later, Socrates even jumped into the water and pushed him to the bottom desperately. At this moment, the young man was really flustered. His survival instinct made him try his best to push Socrates away and climb to the shore. The angry young man asked Socrates why he did this. Socrates replied, "I just want to tell you that you must have the determination to survive in order to gain anything."

jump out of the mindset

due to its rigid demand nature, the market will not change much, but when facing the market, salespersons should look for potential opportunities through appearances, change their thinking, innovate and be flexible, so that people have their own advantages without them. Salesmen from two different companies were ordered to sell leather shoes on an island. When they arrived on the island, they found that the residents of the island did not have the habit of wearing leather shoes. Salesman a called back to the headquarters: there was no leather shoes market on the island, and then he went home. Salesman B reported that since no one on the island wears leather shoes, the market is in a vacuum and has great potential. As a result, he stayed to promote. After a period of expansion, he successfully occupied the leather shoes market on the island

adhere to

salespersons will certainly encounter many difficulties and infinite setbacks in the process of sales. When encountering problems, we should first be good at summarizing, then think calmly and deal with them calmly, so as to avoid the same difficulties next time. It is the so-called failure is the mother of success. Stick to it, and over time, we can solve the problem. In ancient Greek mythology, there is a story about Sisyphus. Xizifu offended the God, who punished him for pushing a stone up the mountain. Every day, xizifu pushed the stone to the hillside with great efforts, and then went home to rest. But the angry God took the opportunity to roll the stone back. Often, Sisyphus is faced with endless failure, and the God wants to torture his soul. However, xizifu refused to admit defeat. It believed that my responsibility would be fulfilled by pushing the stone to the top of the mountain. Although it was difficult, he pushed the stone to the top of the mountain in one breath, so that the God could no longer punish xizifu




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