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Bring more and better products and services to thousands of families, and lead Chinese flooring brands to go abroad and stay international! In 2014, Shengda flooring investment promotion was grandly launched nationwide, and floor franchisees and floor agents are sincerely invited to create brilliance and win the future together

the first laminate floor in China was produced in Shengda. Shengda is the naming unit of laminate flooring and the main drafting unit of the national standard of laminate flooring. The company took the lead in passing ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system, and won the titles of "China famous trademark" and "China famous brand product". In 2006, Shengda laminate flooring was listed in the "green list of government procurement" by the Ministry of Finance and the General Administration of quality and technology supervision, inspection and quarantine. Shengda flooring is sold well all over the country, exported to more than 80 countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Russia, Italy, Australia, South Africa, and won China's "famous brand export product enterprise" and "China's export enterprise achievement award"; In September, 2007, Shengda laminate flooring won the national export inspection exemption award

since the production of China's first laminate floor, Shengda has been leading the industry in product research and development. Starting from the needs of consumers, we have been focusing on technological innovation and constantly introducing new products and technologies. In April, 2011, Shengda 3D synchronized pattern flooring won the national new patent and became a new member of Shengda Technology products. What the "3D synchronous pattern" series products pursue is to make the natural texture more realistic and serve the floor decoration of consumers. So that consumers can not only pursue the retro, natural and pastoral fashion style of current home decoration, but also enjoy the convenience and rapidity of laminate flooring. Make home life synchronized with nature. In terms of quality, each product of Shengda adheres to the development principle of "starting from the needs of consumers", and strives to meet the needs of every family with more humanized, high-quality and personalized products, so as to deduce a more comfortable home life for every consumer. In terms of service, Shengda people use their dedicated attitude and the industry's first "five heart service" to win the trust of every customer, so that consumers can buy at ease and use comfortably

since 1996, Shengda forestry has invested heavily in building modern production bases in Qingbaijiang, Wenjiang, Pudong, Guangyuan, Dazhou and other places in Chengdu, introducing a full set of internationally advanced production lines and technologies, with a complete range of products, including laminate flooring, bamboo (wood) composite flooring, solid wood flooring, impregnated paper, medium (high) density fiberboard, wooden doors, cabinets, etc., which has a strong competitive advantage in scale. It has established the brand soul of "nature is an example", the basic concept of "paying attention to environmental protection, caring for life, returning to nature and sustainable development", and the environmental policy of "following the principles and laws, green management, cleaner production and continuous improvement", and its business scope has gradually expanded to forest planting, man-made boards, floors, wooden doors, cabinets and other fields

bring more and better products and services to tens of millions of families, provide more perfect overall household solutions, and lead Chinese flooring brands to go abroad and base themselves on the world! At the beginning of the 2014 new year, Shengda flooring investment promotion was grandly launched across the country. We sincerely invite floor franchisees and floor agents to create brilliance and win the future together




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