At the sight of a couple of losers, they wear 1000

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The word "loser" is like growing out of the ground. Now it is full of networks. From post bar to Weibo, everyone must be called "loser", and more and more people think of themselves as "loser". It seems that "loser wire" has become a cultural phenomenon that cannot be ignored

this post-80s girl became a loser overnight. She couldn't support herself with her salary and found a loser's boyfriend. It's really a "loser" at first sight!! However, diaosi is also dignified. This diaosi couple compared themselves to "Tao hermits". Ignoring the disdainful eyes of the public, they tightened their belts and pulled out 100000 yuan, turning the 132 flat rough house into a stunning Chinese pastoral mix!! Do you want to see how this loser couple did it

"picking chrysanthemums under the eastern fence, leisurely see Nanshan." Everyone is familiar with Tao Yuanming's "return to the garden". In today's busy modern society, we rarely have time to slow down and taste the romantic and broad-minded feelings in lyrics and songs. Today, when Korean style and European and American style are popular, do you intend to be a recluse in the city and live poetically in this reinforced concrete city

after looking at countless examples of decoration, the European style is blowing vigorously. When it comes to rural areas, they are all American, British, French and Mediterranean. Where is the real Chinese rural area? When it comes to Chinese style, it's mahogany and carved flowers. It's cumbersome and thick, which makes people tired. Where is the ancient kind of heaven and earth in one, natural and unrestrained

the partition and hollowed out design add a little different interest to the living room. The design style of the living room is simple but gorgeous. The furniture of pear blossom wood seems to be telling an unknown legend. Do you have the illusion of coming to the Grand View Garden




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