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Housing prices in big cities are getting higher and higher, so buying a large house type has become an extravagant hope. Under the condition of a small budget, buying a small house type excessively is the choice of many people. However, the space of small houses is limited, and the size should be taken into account when buying furniture. Today, let's take a look at some products related to small family sofas. If you also have a demand for small family sofas, this article can just give you reference

recommendation 1: double leather sofa

price: 999.00 yuan

brand: Life Jingyan

editor's recommendation: this sofa is very elegant in design and has simple European characteristics. If you want to create a simple European space atmosphere, this sofa is a good choice. This double sofa has four colors, white, black, blue-green and yellow, which meet the preferences of different people for color. High quality PU leather feels soft, durable and comfortable, and solid wood foot support makes the sofa more stable

recommendation 2: detachable and elegant sofa

price: 850.00 yuan

brand: household

editor's recommendation: steady colors and fine textures make this sofa look charming. This double sofa adopts a sparerib structure, which is strong and durable with strong load-bearing capacity. The handrails on both sides can be put down and folded easily

recommendation 3: white double sofa

price: 899.00 yuan

brand: Mingshi online

Xiaobian recommendation: this sofa is all white, simple and elegant, suitable for small family homes of husband and wife. The sofa is equipped with storage space, and a large storage space can be seen when the cushion is lifted. Magazines, sundries, clothes and so on can be stored, which saves a lot of space





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