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Smart appliances smart life, from now on, free your hands. Nowadays, consumption upgrading has risen to a new level. Consumers also pursue high-quality products and pay attention to the sense of experience. Smart home product innovation on the market

smart appliances, smart life, free your hands from now on

nowadays, consumption upgrading has risen to a new level, and consumers are also pursuing high-quality products and paying attention to the sense of experience. The innovation and iteration speed of smart home products on the market is fast, and more and more novelty has entered the lives of consumers, improving the quality of life and happiness. From the perspective of user experience, we can combine comfort, convenience and safety with customers' living habits to achieve an ultimate experience process. How can such a good product be ignored? Today, as soon as Tino makes a full house customization, we will check some household items full of happiness in life, for reference only. Plant grass rationally

remote control

TV remote control, liberates both hands, does not need to manually tune on the TV, and can also control the TV on the sofa. With the development of science and technology, you can use the remote control to control the opening and closing of home lights, water heaters, electric curtains, water dispensers, air conditioners and other equipment; Through the display screen of this remote control, you can query and display the on and off status of lighting appliances in the living room or bedroom; At the same time, the remote control can also control infrared electrical appliances in the home, such as TV, DVD, stereo and other infrared electrical equipment. It integrates the intelligent system of household appliances and perfectly upgrades the remote control device. In addition, the sensing device of Tino's certain storage cabinet can automatically open the cabinet door with a slight stroke on the door panel of the cabinet, releasing both hands and adding intelligence


you can set the automatic opening and closing time of some products in advance, and set the opening time of the water heater at home. You can enjoy a beautiful bath time when you return home after work, and do not waste resources when you don't need to use it

fingerprint lock

you must have had such an embarrassment: for some reason, you forgot to bring the door key of your home, or your relatives or guests visited, and you just couldn't rush back immediately, etc. how convenient it would be if you could use your mobile phone or phone to open the door at work or in a distant place at this time. In addition, the fingerprint lock can also be used to "check" the "on, off" status of the digital fingerprint lock at home by mobile phone or phone in the workplace or remote places, so that you feel more secure. Scene setter

the lights change with you. Different colors and different intensities of light create different atmosphere. Just change it at hand. The home can be a KTV happy place, you can enjoy the romance of a high-end restaurant with your lover, or it can be the comfort of reading on the sofa

security alarm system

bedside alarm device, no matter what emergency, just press this button, which adds an extra guarantee for the safety of you and your family

that's all for today's smart home appliance sharing! Remember to plant grass rationally and buy home appliances that are suitable for you! Tino one house customization is committed to customizing a home where your body and mind can be placed




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