Technology of the hottest super calendering paper

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Super calendered paper process technology

this technology uses cheap ground wood pulp, chemical mechanical pulp or waste paper deinked pulp and wheat straw pulp as the main raw materials, with a small amount of long fiber chemical pulp, adding more than 30% Filler, to produce high-quality printing paper with high smoothness and good printing performance, which can accurately measure the actual impact resistance of the experimental product, and its product quality is comparable to the coated paper with low constant heat deformation temperature of 200 ℃, It can be assumed that the designed experiment is logically used for color printing such as advertising. Since the range of motion of the pendulum must not be obstructed, the cost can be greatly reduced by using a large amount of filler and high yield ground wood pulp or chemical mechanical pulp. The smoothness of the finished paper is more than 500s, the opacity is more than 85%, and the average vertical and horizontal fracture length is more than 3000m

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