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Teflon suspected of causing cancer Zhejiang cooker industry was hit hard

Teflon suspected of causing cancer Zhejiang cooker industry was hit hard

July 16, 2004

Event: DuPont "TEFLON" was suspected of causing cancer

on July 8, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said that DuPont, the second largest chemical plant in the United States, had never reported that perfluorooctanoic acid (C-8), the main ingredient in the manufacturing process of Teflon, might be harmful to human body from June 1981 to March 2001, Has violated the poison control law. Perfluorooctanoic acid is a substance similar to soap, which can be used to make anti fouling surfaces and various consumer products if capacitors are connected in the circuit, including non stick pots, anti fouling carpets, Goretex polyethylene fabrics, etc. However, according to the research of 3M company in the United States, the original manufacturer of perfluorooctanoic acid, a large amount of exposure to perfluorooctanoic acid may cause cancer in mice or affect their reproductive function. 3M company has stopped producing antifouling products with similar ingredients since 2000

Enterprise: Ashtar urgently drew up an open letter to users

yesterday, Zhejiang Ashtar Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., located in Wenling, Taizhou, received the "letter to customers" from DuPont Asia Pacific Company for three times. DuPont company said: "the accusation of the U.S. National Environmental Protection Agency has nothing to do with the safety of DuPont's non stick coating, and the company's non stick coating is harmless to the health of consumers."

according to Chen Yun, assistant to the general manager of Ashtar, the toxic substance (PFOA) is C8, whose Chinese name is perfluorooctanoic acid. It is a processing aid in the production process of Teflon non stick coating, but it plays out in the processing process and is no longer contained in Teflon non stick coating

according to the materials provided by DuPont, DuPont has studied C8 for 50 years and repeatedly proved that it will not harm human health and the environment. At the same time, on June 28, 2003, the food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States conducted a safety standard test on Teflon, and the results were in full compliance

yesterday afternoon, Ashtar urgently drafted an "open letter to Ashtar non stick pot users" and sent it to offices across the country. It is scheduled to be delivered to shopping malls selling Ashtar non stick pots today, so as to facilitate delivery to customers who have concerns about non stick pots

although DuPont attracted media attention in China on July 10, customers immediately reacted to the impact of Ashtar. According to a staff member of Ashtar, the company received returns from individual domestic customers yesterday afternoon. However, aishida requires the other party to show the test results of the national department before it is allowed to return the goods

Chen Yun told that the cooperation between Ashtar and DuPont was in 1993. However, Ashtar began to produce non stick pots in 1991. It turned out that it used non stick coatings from other manufacturers

according to Yu (Yi Nai ren) Gao, the deputy director of marketing of Ashtar, Ashtar is an authorized manufacturer of DuPont Teflon in the United States. There are SUPOR in Taizhou, while there are only about 10 such enterprises in China, but there are not 10 real production enterprises, because some enterprises do not meet the requirements of DuPont

insiders: the domestic market may die at this point

according to people from Ashtar, the domestic non stick pot market began as early as the early 1990s, but due to the influence of people's consumption habits, the development of the domestic market is mainly concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen

according to people in the industry, the domestic non stick pot market has developed in recent twoorthree years. In this case, Teflon's "cancer storm" will inevitably bring disadvantages to the development of the non stick pot market, "the domestic non stick pot market may also die prematurely."

lawyer: if it is confirmed that cancer can be prosecuted, the relevant person in charge of Ningbo consumers' Association said that if Teflon does not stick to the pot is harmful to human body, the consumers' Association will assist and the catheter plays a very important role in this kind of support. The injured consumers will defend their rights, including filing a lawsuit, further improving their market competitiveness and making compensation

lawyer Cao Jun of Jiangsu Nanjing xinshida law firm said, "if the test results prove that this material is indeed harmful to human body, consumers have the right to claim compensation from dealers and manufacturers." However, he believes that the possibility of the success of the class action is not great, because too many non stick pot brands are involved. The original civil cases will rise to social events due to the class action, and the social impact will be great

Lawyer Cao also said: "The manufacturer has the obligation to judge whether this material is toxic and harmful in selecting materials. If the manufacturer chooses materials that are clearly unqualified simply to save costs, it needs to bear the consequences; however, if it is limited by the current technical level and cannot be selected and judged, the manufacturer can also file a claim against the material supplier, and the amount of claim depends on the degree of fault of both parties. In addition, if the manufacturer chooses materials that are unqualified In case of doubt, we also have the obligation to test the materials. If there is a problem, we have the obligation to recall the products that have entered the market. "

AQSIQ has organized experts to demonstrate that the Teflon nonstick pot produced by DuPont in the United States may cause harm to human health, which has attracted great attention of AQSIQ and has organized experts to demonstrate. Once Teflon is found to be indeed harmful to human body, the relevant state departments will immediately take relevant measures

DuPont China said that the products did not cause any harm. Xu Min, public affairs manager of DuPont China Group Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch, said yesterday that DuPont's products had no problems and were not harmful to human body and the environment. DuPont believes that the allegations made by the US Environmental Protection Agency have no legal basis. DuPont has fully complied with the provisions of the notification system and opposes any statement that PFOA is harmful to human health or the environment

yesterday connected to DuPont China Group's Shanghai Branch. The head of the company's public relations department said that DuPont had responded to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and would submit a reply within 30 days to deny its accusation. At that time, DuPont will make legal representations and formally deny the claim of the U.S. national environmental protection agency that DuPont did not comply with the requirements of the "toxic substances control act" and the "resource Remediation Act" for the technical report of PFOA

Du Pont's legal counsel director marbler recently # hardness tester: mainly used to detect the hardness of the hammer surface and top of the steel hammer. He told the media that Du Pont has provided detailed information to the U.S. National Environmental Protection Agency to prove that it has always complied with the relevant requirements of the law. This is not a question about the safety of DuPont products, but about the administrative reporting procedure

Guangzhou sampling inspection of Teflon nonstick pan

recently, the relevant person in charge of Guangzhou Quality Supervision Department has said that the nonstick pan sold in Guangzhou market will be sampled. If the inspection results show that it is indeed harmful to human body, the nonstick pan products containing "TEFLON" will be ordered to withdraw from the market

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