Technology of recycling the hottest waste plastics

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The technology of recycling waste plastics into plastic particles

Nippon Steel Chemical Co., Ltd. takes the flame-retardant polystyrene (PS) with high market share as its core, so that the program can run more stably. It adopts the batching technology to regenerate into plastics, and will set up an experimental plant with an annual processing capacity of about 1000 tons in the Comprehensive Research Institute of mugengjin City, Chiba county. The company positions the environmental protection related business as a new field and is committed to research and development. In addition to the chemical regeneration of waste plastics in junjin iron Institute with Nippon Steel, it also discusses the regeneration of foamed PS buoys

the company is engaged in the research and development of reusing waste plastics as plastics. Because it has a clue in technology, the implementation of the household appliance recycling and reproduction law, and the rising social requirements, it has decided to be commercialized. It will take the company's high occupancy of flame retardant PS for household appliances as the center, and use the blending technology to restore the physical properties of waste plastics to the original state and regenerate them into plastic particles

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