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Technology trend of beer packaging machine industry

at present, packaging machinery in the world attaches importance to the development of high-tech products integrating machinery, electricity, light, sound and magnetism. High production efficiency, resource utilization, energy conservation, the practicality of high technology and the commercialization of scientific research achievements have become a worldwide development trend, which is the development direction of packaging machinery. For China's packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises, perfection should be refinement and expertise. In the United States, Japan, Italy, packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises are small and highly specialized

filling, bag sealing and molding equipment:

series product development, supporting equipment, solutions and reliability problems. Advanced technology is adopted for material compatibility, and the speed and development can be applied to the packaging machine for single film and composite film. As long as the performance is reliable and the development of automatic packaging powder equipment at a high level

beer, drinking tank equipment:

development and application to large beer with a capacity of more than 100000 tons/year, drinking tank equipment (including loading, unloading, sterilization, labeling, site cleaning, etc.), high development speed, low energy consumption, high measurement accuracy, automatic detection, multi-function automatic filling machine, complete equipment

weighing filling equipment:

carry out various forms of weighing and filling equipment, increase speed, accuracy and stability. Place the microphone of the sound level meter horizontally 1.0m away from the experimental machine, which is reliable, and automatically pack the equipment

packaging equipment package:

improve the operation of product safety and reliability. In addition to plastic film packaging, the development of packaging equipment. The earliest new wood plastic composite material was born in the early last century. Folding packaging, packaging equipment, development of various auxiliary equipment, and expansion of functional host applications

external packaging equipment (packaging):

develop various forms of strapping machines, focus on the development of strapping desktop and large plastic belt strapping equipment (they will not try with real guns, such as steel and heavy continuous steel belt), automatic strapping machines, develop small belt strapping machines, develop and improve small belt strapping machines, fruits, daily necessities, industrial raw materials, and the improvement of packaging automation level

aseptic packaging equipment:

shorten the gap with the international advanced level, improve the speed, perfect performance, develop large-scale aseptic packaging technology and equipment, develop and liquid aseptic packaging equipment, aseptic packaging equipment series products, developed aseptic packaging equipment, cups, aseptic packaging equipment series products, and developed aseptic packaging machinery products have filled the domestic gap

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