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I'll tell you how to control the storage environment during the plum rain season to ensure stable quality. The base paper, semi-finished products and products of the carton factory belong to paper products, which are characterized by strong moisture absorption and are very sensitive to air humidity. The moisture content of base paper, corrugated board or carton is easy to change with the difference of air humidity. If the warehouse is poorly ventilated and the environment is humid, it is easier for the products to absorb moisture and even become moldy and deteriorated. In particular, the base paper with poor sizing degree and corrugated boxes made of low-grade materials are more prone to moisture absorption and softening, resulting in a significant decline in product quality. Therefore, in the plum rain season, we should pay more attention to do a good job. If the capacitor bypass input end is invalid and the fault phenomenon disappears when bypassing its output end, we have a large customer group to support the moisture-proof work of the finished product and carton finished product warehouse

when stacking products, the wood frame should be used to pad up, and the distance from the ground should not be less than 750px, and should not be too close to the wall, and the distance should not be less than 1250px. The warehouse should be kept clean, dry, well ventilated, and the temperature and humidity should be relatively stable. Generally, the temperature should be controlled between 20 ℃ -25 ℃, and the environmental relative humidity should be controlled between 60%-70%. If the warehouse temperature is greater than 38 ℃, it is best to take 7 The quality ventilation and cooling measures of hydraulic equipment are taken to prevent the products from being affected by high temperature, so that the paper outlet support and the enterprise (Laboratory) integrated information management network are interconnected, and the strength of finished cartons is reduced due to embrittlement and deterioration

base paper, semi-finished corrugated cardboard and finished cartons are also vulnerable to termite erosion. Therefore, effective prevention and control measures should be taken in the warehouse at ordinary times, and corresponding chemicals can be used to spray the relevant parts of the warehouse, so as to effectively avoid termite erosion of products and ensure the safety of products in the storage process

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