Typical application of Siemens 6SE70 inverter in p

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Typical application of Siemens 6SE70 inverter in pelletizing plant 1. Project background:

with the development of smelting technology, the international burden structure has changed greatly. Most countries in Europe and the United States have increased the proportion of pellets used in the burden, many of which reach more than 50%, and even adopt the global pellet charge scheme. They believe that closing the sintering plant is not only conducive to environmental protection, but also found that the use of pellets is conducive to reducing the pre iron cost. Therefore, increasing the use of ball factor can greatly improve the technical index, energy consumption index and economic index of blast furnace

II. Solution:

in this project, we use the PLC, communication, industrial control software and transmission control products of German Siemens to form a high-quality and high-performance integrated control system to complete the process and drive control tasks of the whole project. It can also take the form of Excel to and print reports;, Two sets of S-type PLC and more than 20 sets of masterdriver series transmission products (power range from a few kW to hundreds of KW) are adopted

the upper monitoring system is equipped with industrial control software by the industrial control computer to complete the process data collection, operation state monitoring, system equipment control and other work of the whole system. It is used by other workers to carry out stretching, bending, tightening and shearing experiments. The factory will focus on improving the incremental technology problem of industrial data collection, report generation, printing, data backup and other F1 derivatives work with a lower cost. The PROFIBUS-DP bus communication mode of Siemens is used between PLC system and drive control system to complete the high-speed transmission and exchange of control signals and data. At the same time, there is sufficient signal line connection between each subsystem PLC and the subsystem equipment. When the communication system fails, the subsystem can operate independently to ensure the safety and reliability of the system

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