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Progress of aerosol technology and manufacturing technology metal container Exhibition "2004 International aerosol technology exhibition and international metal container manufacturing technology exhibition" will be held on the first floor of Shanghai International Exhibition Center from November 16 to 18, 2004. In the more than five months since the preparation of the exhibition in November 2003, guantu International Exhibition Co., Ltd., the aerosol Professional Committee of China Packaging Association and the metal container committee of China Packaging Association have issued invitations to enterprises in the industry and related industries, which have received positive responses from many well-known enterprises at home and abroad

● more than 2000 copies of exhibition materials were sent to relevant units and enterprises at home and abroad. After the successful holding of the first aerosol event in 2002, most well-known enterprises have expressed their intention to participate in the event, and some enterprises have confirmed the exhibition area

● there are malls so far. We should pay attention to herlan GmbH, Alfons Haar maschinenbau GmbH Co., G, household appliances such as refrigerators and televisions, St, sonic, Clayton Corporation, Sencon, Shunde Laiya Chemical Co., Ltd., COFCO Meite container Co., Ltd., Nanjing Far East essence Co., Ltd., Zhongshan meijieshi spray valve Co., Ltd., Jiangsu United metal container Co., Ltd Nanjing Pukou aerosol special equipment factory, Yangzhou Hanjiang aerosol filling equipment factory, Zhongshan Yingbo aerosol valve Co., Ltd., Xinzhu enterprise (Hong Kong), Xiamen peony Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., sudronik (Guangzhou), Shantou Oriental Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Diji Xinao metal packaging Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Lianchang spray pump Co., Ltd., Shantou Light Industry Machinery Group Enterprises at home and abroad, such as org Xinmei can making Co., Ltd., have successively sent formal applications to the organizers of the conference

● the station specially set up for this event has also been updated, and the invitation letter of the boutique exhibition area and the notice of the aerosol Professional Committee of China Packaging Association will also be published on the website in the near future

● we have established an effective publicity alliance with nearly ten media units. In order to cooperate with the publicity plan of this exhibition, leaders and experts of relevant departments are specially invited to write relevant articles, and at the same time, we collect papers and introductions of the latest technology of the enterprise, which will be published in the cooperative media in succession. The media that have published the exhibition advertisements include aerosol newsletter, China Packaging News, aerosol Purchasing Guide, aerosol Europe (European Aerosol magazine), mosquito repellent incense and aerosol, metal packaging, the canmaker (UK), packaging and related information if necessary, and China packaging

● reach a cooperation agreement with China daily necessities Association on holding the 2004 International aerosol technology exhibition. The two sides will carry out comprehensive cooperation in the fields of professional audience invitation, exhibition organization, media publicity and so on in line with the purpose of serving the industry. At the same time, the China daily necessities association also promised to support this activity only in the field of aerosol

● the head of our international department held friendly and frank talks with the visiting European Aerosol magazine nter Vogel in Shanghai on April 8, and fully exchanged views on the organization and exhibition of aerosol in China and the special issue of European Aerosol magazine in China. Both sides expressed their desire for further cooperation. European Aerosol magazine will fully support this exhibition and is willing to actively cooperate with the international publicity of the exhibition with the help of advantageous resources, And participate in this event as an exhibitor and speaker

● the concurrent activities have entered the implementation stage

● China Packaging Technology Association held the packaging fortune forum in Shanghai on April 20. Comrade Shi Wanpeng of China Packaging Association attended the meeting. During the meeting, Qian Jin, Secretary General of China Packaging Association and chairman of PP microcellular foaming polypropylene board aerosol Committee Zhao Jun, Deputy Secretary General of China Association for packaging and general manager of guantu exhibition company, and you Yizhong, deputy chairman of aerosol Committee, convened the exhibition staff to hold a working meeting on aerosol exhibition. The meeting required to further refine the exhibition organization, improve various value-added services for exhibitors, expand international cooperation, and strive to maximize the development of the exhibition as an effective exchange platform to serve the industry

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