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Progress has been made in the automatic control technology of deep water tank aquaculture

Introduction: the 863 project "automatic control technology and equipment of deep water tank aquaculture" has made significant achievements, created China's first remote multi-channel automatic feeding system equipment for deep water tank aquaculture, developed the first digital aquaculture operation and management software of seawater tank, and innovated the traditional aquaculture mode of seawater tank

situation 1. If there is no curve after the operation of the experimental machine, it shows that China is a large marine country, with superior marine natural conditions and vast sea areas. However, due to the backward technology of facilities and breeding equipment, fishermen cannot carry out deep-sea and offshore aquaculture, resulting in the overload of limited shallow water beaches and coastal harbor resources. Pollution, diseases, typhoons and so on have caused the economic loss of tens of thousands of fishermen, the decline of fish quality and the destruction of shallow water ecological environment, and coastal aquaculture has fallen into the situation of "fish can't make a living". In view of the industrial development problems faced by China's mariculture, focusing on the emerging technical needs of deep water tank aquaculture and industrial development, we should develop key technical equipment for industrialized deep water tank aquaculture in line with China's national conditions, so as to provide technical support for the development of China's efficient and Healthy Mariculture industry

relying on five years of painstaking and fruitful research by the research group in the South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute: first, historic and significant innovations have been made in the two levels of breeding mode and technical equipment. We have created the first remote multi-channel automatic feeding system equipment for deep water tank aquaculture in China, developed the first digital aquaculture operation and management software for seawater tanks, innovated the traditional aquaculture mode of seawater tanks, and realized the precise guided aquaculture of seawater tanks, marking that the technical level of China's seawater facility aquaculture equipment has entered the international advanced ranks, and has the industrialized production capacity of deep-sea and offshore facility aquaculture. The equipment of the automatic feeding system for deep tank aquaculture breaks through the key technologies such as digital control, multi-channel distribution, aerodynamics, and effectively solves the problems of offshore tank aquaculture cluster management, fixed-point feeding, on-demand distribution, remote transmission, and provides a solution for the implementation of digital aquaculture. The system equipment has three operation modes: manual, automatic and remote. The whole machine is simple, economical and practical, and the cost is only 1/3 of that of foreign countries. 2、 The automatic control technology of deep tank aquaculture has greatly improved the industrial level of seawater tank aquaculture. The relevant technical achievements of deep water tanks have been effectively transformed. The large-scale breeding production practice of 2000 deep water tanks in the past five years has proved that an ordinary standard deep water tank can produce 30 tons of high-quality fish per year, which is equivalent to the breeding output of 60 traditional tanks or 1000 mu of ordinary ponds. The application of precision breeding control technology has reduced the breeding cost-effectiveness ratio by 20% and increased the production efficiency by 20%; 3、 A deep water tank breeding and equipment technology research and development platform has been established. Through the construction of the platform, the domestic facility breeding equipment technology research force has been aggregated, and a number of modern technologies such as fluid mechanics, material mechanics, breeding engineering, computers and so on have been integrated, which has made a beneficial attempt to upgrade the paired packaging and material experimental equipment in China. The d5200 (2) 40 tower crane, which is the world's largest arm reverse self lifting d5200, is one of the few countries in the world that can fully master the engineering technology of deep water tank system, The design technology of deep water tank aquaculture system has reached the world-class level

in the past five years, the project has also created five new technical equipment, such as high-pressure jet water washing machine, fish suction pump, intelligent starter, and has applied for and authorized 21 patents in total, including 7 invention patents, 5 utility model patents, and 9 invention patent applications; 1 computer software copyright registration; Formulate one provincial local standard. Published 1 monograph; Published 25 papers in total; Cultivate 10 graduate students; The number of fishermen trained reached 5000

The popularization and application of relevant technical achievements of deep water tanks will effectively expand China's mariculture space, improve the efficiency of marine agricultural economy, relieve the pressure on China's land resources, and improve the offshore environment. China's 15-40 meter deep sea area can be used for deep-water tank aquaculture of about 400million mu. Calculated by 1% of the area (about 4million mu), theoretically, the deep-water tank can place more than 60000 sets of deep-water tanks in the sea area, and its output can reach 7.2 million tons, which is equivalent to 12 times the current total output of domestic marine fish farming, and its output value is equivalent to 240million farmland output. This opinion takes the aluminum based new material industry out of the previous preferential policies. Its application not only makes China a powerful fishing country, but also provides safe and reliable food for mankind, and improves the lives of tens of thousands of fishermen. Some coastal provinces in China have launched the construction of deep water tank aquaculture industrial parks. According to the plan of Guangdong and other provinces, 5000 deep water tanks will be built before 2014 to dredge or withdraw from harbor aquaculture, restore beautiful harbor resources and comprehensive utilization and development, and arrange thousands of fishermen to change industries and industries to get rid of difficulties and get rich. After the completion of the deep water tank aquaculture Park, it can bring 13billion yuan of economic benefits to the society annually, and strongly stimulate the development of aquaculture logistics, feed, deep water tank manufacturing, aquaculture supporting equipment and other industries

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