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Progress has been made in the research and application of rare earth composite oxide catalytic materials

the project "research and application of rare earth composite oxide catalytic materials in environmental protection" in the field of national "863" new materials undertaken by several units headed by the ecological environment center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is making good progress

this project has developed three series of rare earth composite oxide materials with large specific surface area, explored and studied two coating technologies and processes, needle and compatibility with ultrasonic welding (used to connect separated connector parts in some designs). The technical state of pressure testing machines equipped for volatile laboratories with different industrial emissions marks the technical level of laboratories to a large extent, toxic organic pollutants (VOCs), Two series of catalytic purification materials have been developed, which have the characteristics of low ignition temperature, good thermal stability, good anti-aging performance and wide application range. The catalyst of industrial purification device has no signs of deactivation at the operating temperature; Two series of natural gas catalytic combustion materials have been developed, and the design and test of catalytic burner are under way

in terms of industrial application demonstration, more than 2000 liters of rare earth composite catalytic materials were produced, and five sets of purification devices were completed, including triphenyl waste gas treatment, toluene waste gas purification and hydrocyanic acid waste gas treatment at each start-up, in cooperation with enterprises and independently selected investment projects. A production line of composite oxide powder with pilot scale has been built. In mid August, the 10th National rare earth catalysis academic conference with the theme of the application of rare earth catalysis in energy and environment was organized and held in Beijing

the main innovation of this project is to design materials according to the application and reaction characteristics, control the surface properties and pore structure of rare earth composite catalytic materials to a certain extent, so as to improve the catalytic activity, thermal stability, anti sintering and anti poisoning properties of catalytic materials, and eliminate the influence of macromolecular reactants that are easy to cause steric hindrance and mass transfer. Hydrothermal synthesis, template synthesis, intercalation assembly, surface modification and other technical methods as well as various surface and pore structure characterization methods were used to carry out research and development

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