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Accessories add luster to the folding machine (Part 1) -- Introduction to folding machine

(floor model folders accessories add sparkle) adding accessories to the folding machine is like putting a cherry on a cheese cake, so there are chocolate cheese cake, strawberry cheese cake, blueberry cheese cake, etc. In the folding machine, the corresponding ones are: page gluing device, product quality inspection device with strippable adhesive, book cutting machine, etc. There is no doubt that printers and traders have been trying to find a kind of equipment: easy to operate, short installation time, fast operation preparation and outstanding production level. Undoubtedly, auxiliary equipment can greatly improve the performance of ordinary folding machine. It is said that the folding machine mentioned in the above precautions for the use of the impact machine is what customers need most, especially the sampling inspection equipment and the binding and cutting machine. It is also pointed out that the demand for folding and binding affects the production of folding machines, because people need more complex folding products and a variety of post processing. The new folding machine must be composed of standardized components. For example, the continuation machine should be able to be removed from the folding machine. Each kind of equipment on the binding production line should have multiple uses, because the machine is no longer only suitable for producing one product. The following is an in-depth study of folding machines. With the development of web publishing, ordinary folding machines are slowly being eliminated, so there are some special products. For example, complex mail production and binding (including reply envelopes). The production and binding of these reply mails require synchronous cutting, special adhesives, product sampling and inkjet machines controlled by computer databases. People concerned believe that the zero adjustment fence knife is a common feature of folding machine; The paper board can be controlled and adjusted by a handle to become a swing deflector without removing the fence knife or positioning the swing deflector, because the device with standard fence knife generally needs two sets of handles according to the weight of the fence knife on the folding machine. The paper delivery system is also very important, because if the paper delivery system can not keep up with the speed of the automatic folding machine and only pay 80% of the minimum wage of Guangzhou to the employees waiting for work every month, the automatic folding cannot be realized. Heidelberg has been successful in this regard. The VSA equipment has the functions of counting sheet fed and web fed, making side marks, and double embossing sheet fed. The paper can be divided into four layers. Heidelberg also has a vertical stack paper delivery system. This paper delivery system has the same function as VSA, except that the folding of the machine is vertically transferred on the folding edge. Due to the lack of qualified operators in the U.S. market, experts believe that customers need more automated equipment and less labor-intensive equipment. Heidelberg provides 20 inch Stahl td52 and 30 inch td78 folding machines. Model td52 has standard features, such as tremat sheet fed stacker, full-automatic fence deletion, automatic sliding along the rack, and dct2000 equipment control. The td78 model has the same basic standard features, and also has a continuous wrapping paper feeder. Presser/stacker is still a common choice for printers and binders, and wireless binding is also receiving high attention. It is very efficient to complete the folding of small format on the folding machine. The reply envelope is only one of a variety of products. It can also be completed on the modern binding production line. Simple and fast operation, high cost, low safety factor and lack of labor force force industry (including manufacturing industry) to have machines with high productivity and easy operation. With the advent of on-demand printing, it is inevitable that the computer-controlled folding machine will come into being. The high price of the equipment will be offset by the rapid installation, simple operation and the production of a large number of products. The folding machine produced by LDR company has a certain popularity in computer-aided control. This model also has the general performance of folding machine. It can be attached with manual folding equipment, and a caliper can be added to the folding stick. The customer is looking for an ideal method to recover funds, which is realized through auxiliary equipment such as paper press/paper stacker, book block binding machine and binding machine, and binding system. American MBO company provides a new ba-900 binding/bundling machine, which can work under the production mode of one, two, three and four. At the same time, the president of the company said that due to the current labor shortage, especially in the post press field, the machines required by customers are easier to operate. There are more electronic equipment to replace mechanical equipment. The equipment maintenance cost can provide a general profile not only for the experimental curve. The folding machine produced by MBO company can increase the output of printers by 20% to 25%. The equipment contains the fastest computerized job preparation system and has some other advantages: it can display the whole installation steps from folding machine, paper cutter to side roll. At an exhibition in 2000, MBO exhibited the system with a 15 inch color touch screen. Using PLC technology, folding machine can be integrated into a digital workflow. The software gives instructions to help the operator solve the problem. In addition, equipment managers, maintenance personnel and operators do not have to look for error records, such as instrument operation manual, parts registration, wiring diagram, placement directory, and folding knife. Because now all the information has been digitized. Now the market needs to start testing to achieve a higher degree of automation, a smaller workforce, and a higher speed of the production system. Under the control of the central operation, the production line can complete a variety of tasks

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