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Accumulation, upgrading and breakthrough, 2020 super large-scale shining Bay Area - the 20th Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition opened in March

adhering to the macro industrial background and market development hot spots, Shenzhen International Robot and factory intelligence Exhibition (RSE) focuses on a series of solutions for the intelligent transformation of industrial factories such as (3C), electronics, automobile and parts manufacturing, and brings together hundreds of industrial automation Leading brand in robot industry. Fanuc, abb, Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, baccalais, Beifu, keenshi, Kawasaki, naghi, XiongKe, youao, Epson, Bosch Rexroth, Moli, sistem, Cadiz, Tianji, ward, PETA, Huashu, Guangzhou CNC, Delta, Advantech Baoyuan, kangmaosheng, adek, sude, qilico, SKF, NSK, THK, IKO, hamenake, domochuan, Shangyin, Yintai, Deshi, Shanlong, Shenzhen Huishi, saiduoli Xinfuniya and other well-known brands and integrators in automation and robotics industries jointly build a one-stop communication platform for automation and intelligent production and assembly in South China (3C), electronics, automobile and other industries

at the exhibition site, there were many 3C intelligent factory production lines, more than 100 sets of 3C intelligent assembly and testing related non-standard automation equipment, nearly 100 sets of machine vision implementation schemes, many sets of man-machine cooperation robot application schemes, industrial IOT (MES) forward-looking applications, many sets of intelligent logistics and packaging solutions. In this sense, there were 10 sets of intelligent welding and polishing cases, more than 100 brands of motion control, hydraulic and pneumatic actuators Nearly 100 mechanical transmission brands will set off a skill competition in which all flowers bloom

based on the huge demand for precision machining parts in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, Shenzhen International Industrial Parts Exhibition (ISE) is the first international exhibition in China built by SIMM, which integrates the processing of drawings and materials, order subcontracting and process exchange. It gathers pelian technology, JIAYE precision, tairisheng, BYD, Adeli, jinjiali, Yujing precision, Jinyuan hardware, hongweisheng, 3D systems, OPM, Malu technology, Hanbang technology Tianyuan 3D, qianlida, Shenhu, Xiling stainless steel, yishengbai, simu + bigenberg, skana, Yihe, Datong, bonait and other well-known brands jointly build a matrix ecosystem of the whole industry chain of "metal materials + precision machined parts + surface treatment". Among them, in the theme exhibition area of precision machined parts, nearly 100 domestic and foreign elite enterprises of precision machined parts intensively display their applications in high-end manufacturing industries such as aerospace, medical devices, semiconductors, optics, automation, 3C electronics, automobiles and auto parts, and provide processing services to nearly 100000 visitors through a one-stop exchange platform

self breakthrough and various activities to help industry upgrade

the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry can not be separated from the regional economic support. Standing at a new historical starting point, in response to the call of the government, promoting the progress and reform of the manufacturing industry, deepening the leading demonstration effect of Shenzhen's reform and opening up, SIMM, together with Shenzhen Municipal Commission of economy and information technology and Bao'an District government, took the lead in hosting the event, Shenzhen Association for trade in services jointly created "manufacturing towards" smart "manufacturing - Shenzhen International Manufacturing Conference to jointly explore the way to promote China's manufacturing industry towards the middle and high-end of the global value chain

in addition, during the same period of the exhibition, dozens of forums and seminars will be held around manufacturing hotspots such as "product quality, metrology, intelligent production, robots, smart factories, precision parts, intelligent manufacturing, sheet metal automation, 3D printing, additive manufacturing, mold manufacturing, digital technology". In addition to the high-end conference forum, simm2019 specially launched the tour group of the metal forming machine tool Museum and the visit to the sheet metal benchmark factory to help sheet metal enterprises overcome the limitations of sheet metal process and realize small batch automation applications

accumulated for 20 years, upgraded manufacturing, and made breakthroughs. Looking forward to 2020, the 21st Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition will be newly upgraded and multiplied to move to the International Convention and Exhibition Center. From the existing 100000 square meters exhibition hall and three major theme exhibitions, it will be upgraded to 240000 square meters and eight major theme exhibitions to build China's largest industrial manufacturing technology exhibition. Climb a new level, and SIMM will meet you again

the 20th Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (SIMM 2019 Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition) will be grandly opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on March. With the theme of "precipitation, upgrading, breakthrough, and meeting new manufacturing", this exhibition brings together more than 1000 industry leaders at home and abroad from more than 30 countries and regions to demonstrate the innovative achievements of advanced manufacturing industry with intelligent manufacturing products and technologies. The three theme exhibitions of "Shenzhen International Machine Tool Exhibition", "Shenzhen International Robot and factory intelligence Exhibition" and "Shenzhen International Industrial Parts Exhibition" under SIMM are comprehensively linked to build a grand procurement event of the whole industrial chain and promote the high-quality development of manufacturing in China

has accumulated for 20 years, witnessing the butterfly transformation of smart manufacturing in South China

as an equipment manufacturing event rooted in South China for 20 years, Jinmin Research Institute as a product incubator focused by Jinmin we work. With the development of manufacturing industry for many years, SIMM has witnessed the growth process of China from "manufacturing" to "smart manufacturing". This year, Sim's main electronic testing machines include: LCD electronic tensile testing machine, microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine m. The total exhibition scale reaches 110000 square meters, covering metal cutting, metal forming, robot and automatic application, laser processing technology, additive manufacturing, industrial measurement, cutting tools Cutting edge manufacturing technologies and comprehensive solutions in precision parts processing and other links bring unparalleled industrial chain journey to the audience

aiming at the strong industries in South China, this exhibition combines the themes of 3C electronics, automobile manufacturing, medical devices, mold hardware processing, etc., closely layout, deeply excavate the pain points and difficulties of manufacturers in relevant application fields, and seek solutions for enterprises to improve quality and efficiency, transformation and upgrading

upgrade manufacturing and comprehensively interpret the Grand View of industry

at present, China is in a critical period of manufacturing reform. Under the background of a new round of scientific and technological revolution, the Shenzhen International Machine Tool Exhibition (MTE) under SIMM focuses on manufacturing upgrading, and Yamazaki Mazak, heck, Makino, Haas, aegso, GF processing scheme, Nicholas, Doosan, Matsuura and other advanced five axis and gantry machine tools are brought, Provide a rapid prototyping solution with the first mock examination and multiple cavities for the processing needs of medium and large parts; In view of the rapidly rising medical device industry in the Pearl River Delta, index, Emak, brother, Chengtai Yawei, Lichi, Longze, Asia Pacific artificial intelligence, etc. rely on the multi-faceted composite processing technology to solve the manufacturing difficulties of special-shaped parts with the advantage of three-dimensional surface processing; Facing the large-scale, high-precision and high-efficiency processing needs of metal, ceramics, glass and other structural parts of different materials in the 3C industry, FANUC, Beijing Jingdiao, Mitsubishi, Taiqun, Kejie, Jiatai, Shenyang machine tool, Mikron, Swiss Jingji, etc. bring precision CNC processing equipment

in the field of new energy automobile manufacturing, industry giants such as tongkuai, Baichao, Han's laser, Mitsubishi laser, bolima, Pentium, lingchuang and Yawei have broken through the bottleneck of traditional sheet metal processing technology by providing stable and efficient high-power 3D laser cutting and welding technology. What is more worth mentioning is that famous enterprises at home and abroad, including Danqing, hexcon, Zeiss, Faru, Sanfeng Lifeng, Mar, Sirui, keens, API and so on, gathered in the No. 9 museum to jointly display the nondestructive visual testing technology and digital testing scheme

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