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CAS comments on social value of Baidu search: breaking the data gap and leading artificial intelligence

recently, the Institute of Sociology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences released the "how AI creates social value? 2018 Baidu social value report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"), taking Baidu, the "leader" in the AI field, as an example, to explore the close relationship between technological enterprises' innovation and development and social value creation. According to the report, Baidu search is the pioneer of Internet data equity in China and the founder of the development of China's artificial intelligence industry

from the perspective of users, Baidu search has broken the "data gap" and "digital island", helped all levels of society obtain information equally and conveniently, and realized "data equality"; At the same time, Baidu search, as a platform to change the connection between supply and demand, is the driving force to accelerate the implementation of data dividends to smart dividends. It helps small and medium-sized enterprises grow and increase jobs, and is one of the important driving forces to promote China's economic development

wangchunguang, deputy director of the Institute of sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. "Whether you are a high-ranking official, a university professor, a farmer in a border town, or a disabled person, through Baidu, everyone has equal access to information. Before the advent of search engines, people never thought they could access information so easily." According to the report, the words of Robin Lee, founder, chairman and CEO of Baidu, when he was awarded the "2005 CCTV China economic man of the year" can still be read today

ai eventually led to an era of inaccurate detection data. Baidu hopes to meet users' search needs through better content, richer forms and more meta carriers. At present, Baidu's first search result meets more than 40% of search queries; The average number of daily active users (dau) of Baidu app reached 151million in September; The number of daily active users of good-looking videos exceeded 12million. "This also provides people with equal access to information. Everyone is equal in front of intelligent search." This is the analysis of the report

while promoting "data equity", Baidu search is also changing the way supply and demand connect through technological innovation. As of November 18, baidu is providing search marketing services to nearly one million enterprises through its nationwide service network, covering three major industries: agriculture, industry and service industry, and covering 31 provinces and cities across the country. The relevant research results of China information and communication research institute show that the input-output ratio of cooperative enterprises in Baidu search engine promotion services is as high as 1:43. In addition, baidu academic, baidu map, Baidu Encyclopedia, baidu education and other products are also actively creating social value from many aspects, providing an effective means for the survival and development of human knowledge and culture. At present, the average daily search response times of Baidu search are 6billion + times, which is equivalent to 4.3 times per Chinese person per day. The average daily information flow recommendation amount reaches 15billion, and the map responds to 90billion positioning service requests per day. According to the report, these achievements have enabled Baidu 10. Experimental method selection interface, experimental parameter selection interface, experimental operation and result display interface and curve display interface to create great social value from the dimension of "technology culture effect"

Baidu has become an important basic developer in the intelligent society, both at the level of basic technology and applied technology. The product has broken the long-term monopoly pattern of foreign competitors. Through the advantages of "equal data rights" and open empowerment, baidu is further enlarging the social value of its scientific and technological assets. Baidu was evaluated as a "comprehensive social value" company by the report, not because of its efforts overnight, but because of its firm belief in the past 20 years. It is expected that in the future, as the leader of AI technology, Baidu can give consideration to both technological innovation and social value creation, play a leading and exemplary role for more Chinese science and technology enterprises, and work together to build a better life society

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