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At about 8:00 a.m. on August 17, on a construction site under construction at the intersection of Tongling North Road and Fushu Road, two workers carrying out exterior wall decoration ascended by an electric basket, when suddenly the basket rope was abnormal, the steel wire on the left was broken, and two workers fell from ten floors, one of whom was killed and one was injured. At present, the safety supervision department of Xinzhan district has been involved in the investigation, and the work place is actively cooperating with the families of the two workers on the compensation of jc/t 409 (2) 001 supplier of fly ash for silicate building products

at about 8:00 a.m. that day, master Xia and master Yan came to the construction site to take charge of the exterior wall decoration project. In the morning, they set up the electric hanging basket as usual. The hanging basket rose layer by layer. Suddenly, the steel wire rope on the left side of the hanging basket snapped. Master Xia and master Yan fell down with the hanging basket without any precaution. According to the witness, the two men fell down one after another. Master Xia stood on the left side of the basket, so he fell to the ground first. "The man fell on the steel bar. You see, the steel bar was pressed ◎ main machine of experimental equipment: WDW electronic universal experimental machine was bent." When master Yan fell down, he was heavily pressed on master Xia

afterwards, when he rushed to the hospital, master Yan was undergoing a comprehensive physical examination. According to his attending doctor, there was nothing unusual when the injured arrived at the hospital. As time went on, the injured began to experience pain in many parts of his body

he left his wife and children.

it is understood that master Xia, the deceased, was from Guanting, Feixi. Both he and his wife were simple farmers. They farmed at home during busy farming hours. When the farm was slack, he came out alone to the construction site to find some work to support his family. "His family has two daughters and a son. The eldest daughter has a disability and can only do some simple work in the large-scale industrialized mass production solution of high-pressure resin transfer molding (hp-rtm) which is the traditional resin transfer molding (RTM). The second daughter has been fostered by relatives since childhood and has just married. There is also a 17-year-old son who is in high school and is starting his senior three." Master Xia's nephew said with tears in his eyes, "this family is too mechanical to understand" three goes, one falls and one makes up. "It's over. The pillars are gone. How can they live as a family?"

master Xia's youngest son will take the college entrance examination next year. This summer vacation, he reads and studies at home every day. But in the morning, he suddenly heard the sad news that his father fell off a building and died. He couldn't control his emotions and cried loudly with his mother in his arms. "Dad, I must study hard. Next year I will take the college entrance examination admission notice to see you." Said the younger son, calming down

investigating the cause of the accident

in the afternoon of that day, a person in charge of the construction site was contacted. It is understood that the safety supervision department of the new station area is investigating the cause of the accident. According to the person in charge, they have been actively cooperating with the safety supervision department since the accident. "We can understand and appreciate the excitement of the family members of the deceased. Now that the incident has happened, we will never escape. If the accident investigation results in problems in the workplace, we will certainly bear them. We also have a general understanding of the family situation of the deceased. At present, we are negotiating compensation with their families. We strive to give their families a satisfactory reply as soon as possible."

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