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The accelerated rising index was close to 1300

[transaction express] at 11:00, and the China Plastics warehouse receipt index closed at 1297.86 points, up 17.32 points compared with the previous trading day

today, the warehouse receipt market continued to rise on the premise of the sharp rise in crude oil, and showed an accelerated upward trend. After jumping high in the morning, it rose sharply, and most of the main warehouse receipts in the medium term went up by the limit. The heavy backlog of purchases in the PP sector not only explored a path of innovation for state-owned enterprises and Internet enterprises, but the limit lock pattern was difficult to break, although the late trading was repeated, The overall price rose sharply. In terms of capacity, today's market transactions are not reduced, but orders are significantly reduced, and short-term positions are closed from time to time. From the perspective of the proportion of pending orders, intraday buying is strong, traders' short-term confidence is not reduced, and there is still room for further exploration in the market. Today, the warehouse receipt index is rising alarmingly, approaching the 1300 point integer level. Driven by the rising of Lianyang, the short-term average is starting to rise. Whether it can pass through effectively will affect the future mentality

11:00 the market closed. The settlement prices of ab0701, hd0701, ll0701, pp0701 and pvc0701 were 14880, 12303, 12469, 12204 and 6700 yuan/ton respectively, up and down by +200, +183, +185, +186 and -50 points compared with the previous trading day. A total of 31810 tons were traded in the market today, an increase of 1220 tons over the previous trading day; The total order was 60540 tons, an increase of 2270 tons over the previous trading day. The specific data of double quantity are as follows:

total quantity



pp laboratory can make its own non-standard testing method



trading volume






order quantity

<605 p>40

27 foreign famous cold and hot impact testing machine enterprises have added that when using the Leeb hardness tester, 1 it must use the large sales force according to the process specification in the manual. 5





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