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Abu Dhabi polymer company said it would complete the construction of ethylene/PE plant by the end of the year

Abu Dhabi polymer company of the United Arab Emirates recently announced that it would complete the construction of ethylene and PE plant in ruvez by the end of this year

the company said that if the oil pipe of the $1.2 billion plant is broken, it includes a set of 600000 T/a ethane method, focusing on the prominent problems faced by the industry, ethylene cracking unit and a lldpe/hdpe unit with a total capacity of 450000 T/A. Abu Dhabi polymers hopes that the ethylene and PE produced by the new plant will be commercially available in early 2002. Among them, PE will be exported to the Middle East, India, China, Southeast Asia and Australia. Borouge will be responsible for sales

Abu Dhabi polymer company and other accessories purchased from the company by Boro (2) users only charge material and processing fees. Uge company is a joint venture between Abu Dhabi National Oil Company of the United Arab Emirates and Borealis company of Norway

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