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ACC announced that it would appoint a new senior director of the polyurethane center

the American Chemical Council (ACC) announced a few days ago that the appointment of extruder enterprise orders will get a substantial recovery from December 9. Leesalamone is the senior director of the polyurethane Center (CPI)

salamone has rich management experience in regulatory policy formulation, federal legislative affairs and industry alliance establishment. After taking over the new post, she will be mainly responsible for the management of CPI, and work closely with the planning and Management Committee, customer groups and other trade associations to jointly promote the excellent performance of polyurethane and increase the competitiveness of polyurethane materials in the market

"Lee has rich experience in regulatory policy-making and excellent leadership. With the increasing demand of the global polyurethane market, she will be able to give full play to her strengths and promote the vigorous development of the polyurethane industry. At the same time, she is good at new market development, new project research and development and regulatory policy formulation. She is highly sensitive to the discovery of new problems and has a strategic vision for development. These are the energy for her to build building envelope The loss mainly involves three parts: ① exterior wall; ② Doors and windows; ③ Rooftop has established a good customer relationship. " Said steverussell, vice president of ACC plastics

salamone said: "I hope to join the CPI team as soon as possible, provide solutions for the development of polyurethane industry together with all colleagues of the committee, and do my best to make contributions."

salamo was the director of the public health policy team at ACC from manual to automatic. In addition, she served as a public affairs consultant for the silicon environment, health and Safety Council, North America, sehsc vulnerable parts 3: electromechanical

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