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Accenture global research says that the user name and password method is out of date.

90% of Chinese consumers are willing to adopt alternative methods to protect Shangxin, which is the whole process information security of the impact testing machine.

according to Accenture's latest research, most consumers think that setting the user name and password is too cumbersome, and they are quite interested in other ways to protect the security of the account. This indicates that the security means of user name and password commonly used by consumers may change

Accenture released the latest report "digital trust in the era of IOT". Based on the survey of 24000 consumers on six continents, the report pointed out that 60% of consumers thought that the process of setting user names and passwords was cumbersome, and more than three quarters (77%) of the respondents were interested in protecting Online security through alternative methods

according to the latest research of Accenture, most consumers think that setting the user name and password is too troublesome. They are interested in other ways to protect the security of their accounts. This pre fixture [jig] shows that the security means of user name and password commonly used by consumers may change

Robin Murdoch, managing director of Accenture's Internet and Social Technology Services Department, said: the common practice of entering user name and password to log in to the Internet will soon be eliminated. Consumers are increasingly disappointed with these traditional methods because they can no longer effectively protect personal data such as e-mail addresses, numbers and purchase history

according to the survey, in many countries around the world, consumers are generally open to other security means, especially in China and India, which account for 92% and 84% respectively. More than three quarters (78%) of consumers in Brazil, Mexico and Sweden and 74% of consumers in the United States also expressed their willingness to consider other security means besides user name and password

Murdoch pointed out that as hackers use increasingly complex and more covert attack methods, the straight-line movement of the password workbench along the Y axis is no longer regarded as an inevitable choice to deal with security problems. Nowadays, the traditional one-step password is being used in combination with other biotechnology means, such as fingerprint identification and two-step device verification. In the next few years, we are likely to see more and more consumers accept these methods or other alternatives

the survey also found that less than half (46%) of global consumers have confidence in their personal data security. Compared with developed countries, consumers in emerging countries have slightly higher confidence in their personal data security

Murdoch stressed that the issue of digital trust is not limited to individual countries or regions. Both developed countries and emerging economies will maintain a tight balance in 2017 (2) and 2018. With the explosive growth of the IOT market, more and more devices will generate an unprecedented amount of consumption data. Therefore, consumers are increasingly worried about data privacy and digital trust. Only by establishing full trust with consumers can enterprises obtain more consumer data, and then use analysis tools to mine greater value from these data, create more IOT based services and applications, and achieve revenue generation

research methods

Accenture's 2015 digital consumer survey interviewed 24000 consumers from 24 countries to understand their use, attitude and future expectations in terms of digital device ownership, content consumption, broadband constraints, digital trust and IOT. The survey was completed from October to November 2014. The 24 countries are: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States; The sample size of each country represents the number of its people

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