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The accessory industry ushered in three golden years of Development Guide: in 2010 and 2012, the accessory industry ushered in three golden years. At the end of 2010, in order to implement the plan for the adjustment and revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry, improve the overall level of the equipment manufacturing industry, and promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure of basic mechanical parts, the Ministry of industry and information technology organized and formulated the "mechanical foundation zero..."

, To promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure of basic mechanical parts, the Ministry of industry and information technology organized and formulated the implementation plan for the revitalization of basic mechanical parts industry

at present, China has more than 8000 mechanical basic parts enterprises above designated size. In recent years, the whole mechanical basic parts manufacturing industry has maintained a growth rate of more than 20% for consecutive years. The domestic market share has reached 65% through the interaction of computers and single-chip computers. The output of fasteners ranks first in the world, and the sales of hydraulic components and gears rank second in the world, The sales volume of bearings and moulds ranks third in the world

if you see these data in foreign countries, it seems difficult to connect them with the fact that the level of domestic accessories is one of the most important factors restricting the development of the construction machinery industry. In fact, the supporting parts branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association has long put forward the policy of focusing on the development of construction machinery accessories and formulated relevant plans. Enterprises in the industry have made breakthroughs in some fields, but it is still difficult to meet the needs of host enterprises in the field of core accessories

lack of policy support, unreasonable industrial structure, insufficient innovation ability and other factors are the main factors that hinder the development of accessory enterprises. In 2014, the aircraft carbon fiber composite market was 454.9 billion yen (about 23.7 billion yuan). The promulgation and implementation of the plan provided important policy support for the development of the accessory industry

the plan clearly puts forward the key development direction of the basic mechanical parts industry involving five industries, namely, bearings, gears, molds, hydro Hermetics and fasteners, and lists the specific product development direction. Among them, the main bearings of large full face tunnel boring machines, bearings of large thin plate cold and hot rolling and coating production lines, gear drives of large tonnage container forklifts and front hoists and drive axles, beam carriers, bridge erecting machines, mechatronics high-precision drive modules, and most of the hydraulic and air tight products are closely related to the construction machinery industry

from manufacturing large quantities of low-level products, to manufacturing world-class high-performance products, and then to leading the development of the industry... The development of China's construction machinery industry is like the process of building a pyramid. Among them, the most important thing is to consolidate the foundation, and the level of supporting parts is one of the most important cornerstones. If the foundation is not firm, the pyramid will crumble; If you rely too much on foreign enterprises, once the other party stops supply, the pyramid may collapse at any time

the plan has clearly pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the special support for the revitalization and technological transformation of key industries to the independent innovation and industrialization construction projects of the basic mechanical parts industry, strengthen the connection between the industry and the national science and technology support plan, and focus on the major key technology bottle neck of breakthroughs. The competent government departments at all levels shall, according to the objectives and tasks determined in the implementation plan and in combination with the local characteristics and industrial advantages, study and formulate policies and measures conducive to the development of basic parts and components industry of machinery which currently does not meet the standard requirements. Trade associations should give full play to their role as bridges and links, pool the strength of the industry and guide the healthy and rapid development of the industry; Formulate self-discipline industrial rules and regulations, and gradually form a healthy and orderly industrial market for basic mechanical parts

the plan was issued in October, 2010, that is to say, the implementation period is less than 3 years in a strict sense. Now, the first quarter of 2011 has passed by more than half. It can be seen that the golden degree of this period is much shorter than we thought. Whether local governments, trade associations or manufacturers of supporting parts, they must take active action immediately, strive for the maximum development space for themselves, implement the policies as soon as possible, and quickly invest in scientific research and production

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