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In the general decoration company model, the project manager (also known as the construction team leader) is recruited to pay 10000 to 30000 yuan per person to their company. There are countless tricks in the sale of solid wood flooring, and many wood flooring dealers are really at their best. The following is a simple list to let you know, in order to prevent: dealers called "factory direct sales"

the so-called factory direct selling almost does not exist. Most of these dealers have purchase channels, and then put up a brand. For manufacturers, they don't have to pay for their own stores anyway, but enjoy their success. Even if a brand is copper, it won't cost much. It's much simpler than the complex matters involved in store rent, operation and management, personnel wages and so on. Some people are very

superstitious about this, thinking that those who sell floors are floor experts. In fact, most of them do not have and do not have this quality to study the problem of flooring in depth. Dealers call "B-level board"

formally, there is no such thing as B-level board in national standards, because national quality standards use names such as super grade and first grade. In other words, the so-called B-grade board of dealers is the board with poor color, but generally speaking, there will be no great difference in quality. For manufacturers, they will not put goods of different quality together, so the problem is more in the sales link. The most common way of doing this is to put the good board and the bad board together, and then sell them at the price of the good board. Because solid wood flooring is a natural product. Therefore, from the perspective of laws and regulations, we can not accurately define who is good and who is bad. Confusion its name and goods are not the right board

its practice is actually simpler, that is, to sell cheap brands with similar color and texture as high-priced brands. There are three kinds of situations: for example, the teak king is a typical fox pretending to be a tiger, because the teak king has no botanical relationship with teak at all

for example, if you sell incense wood as gold ivory, the difference between the two is about 50 yuan/square meter. Therefore, even if the quotation is reduced, the profit is still considerable. Be careful to buy non-standard boards

standard boards are limited in countries, but there is a kind of non-standard board on the market, which mostly belongs to processed products, such as changing the problematic large board into small board, or leftover materials. There is also a fatal consequence of buying non-standard boards: if there is a problem with a small area of the floor, you can't buy back the boards of the same specification in the market. There are only two ways to dismantle the whole house or change the material. Good and bad products are treated together

treatment board refers to the board that is removed after some boards are laid. Unless the goods leave the factory have quality problems, the manufacturer generally does not recycle them; Dealers have known that there are quality problems when purchasing goods and can't afford this loss. Some may simply deal with them secretly and sell them to other customers together with good goods. The processing board also includes another situation, that is, if there are problems in the processing process, such as broken corners and hems, some defective manufacturers or dealers will also sell them through various channels. Temptation of ultra-low laying cost

many floor sellers will provide laying services, and the cost is extremely low. In fact, it's very simple. The dealer subcontracts the floor laying to other decoration teams. The dealer earns money from the floor, and then takes some kickbacks from the decoration team. Just imagine that the process of laying the floor is more complicated than that of laying tiles. How can the construction quotation be lower than that of laying tiles

calculator, tape measure and carpenter

1. Use a special tape measure

the scale is usually 10 cm, and the actual length is only 9 cm, 10% less. If you buy 3000 yuan of wood at a time, you will earn 300 yuan more virtually. Carpenters generally know, but they don't say

double headed tape measure, the length shown to you is standard, and there is a head in the tape measure when measuring, which is 10% less

2. Calculation of volume

even if you buy wood with the carpenter, you may not calculate the volume of wood all the time. At this time, JS often directly multiplies the length of the wood by the width, and reports the area as the volume to the user. As a result, it may buy the wood at twice the price. For example, the wood with length of 4 meters, width of 0.25 meters and thickness of 0.05 meters should be calculated as 4*0.25*0.05 = 0.05 cubic meters, but as long as you neglect, they will be calculated as 4*0.25 = 0.1 cubic meters, with a difference of twice. There are a lot of tricks in such calculation methods

3. If the thickness of wood is less than 0.05 meters, it is calculated as 0.05 meters, which is called "guild rules"

4. If the buyer doesn't bring the calculator himself, even if he brings the calculator, he won't doubt that the calculator is fake or remote control. The remote control is usually placed in your pocket. During the calculation of the calculator, press the remote control once and add 10%, and press the remote control twice and add 20%. If you use the calculator they prepared in advance, as long as the other party presses it the same number of times, the result will be the same

5. Carpenter

carpenter takes kickbacks in buying wood and boards

according to JS, who sells wood, 99% of woodworkers take kickbacks, and 1% of those who don't will have disputes or even fight with sellers. As long as they see that the salesperson uses the above methods when buying and doesn't expose them, they can turn around after going out and take the rebate

fishy eyes in sales

there are many factors besides wood for the quality of boards, such as formaldehyde content (formaldehyde is one of the ten excessive items in the building materials industry banned by the State Bureau of Technical Supervision in 2002). The formaldehyde in boards mainly comes from glue. The formaldehyde content of some inferior boards exceeds 100% of the national standard. This item alone can reduce the production cost of boards using standard glue by as much as 10 yuan, and is very harmful to human body; If the wood used to make the keel is not dried, it will cause serious arching and paint explosion on the upper floor

some JS sell low-priced boards as high-priced ones. For example, Wanxiang Blockboard is divided into 60 yuan and 78 yuan, while JS can sell 78 yuan for 60 yuan/sheet. Ordinary consumers do not have these identification capabilities

the "chain sales alliance" in sales mainly refers to some wood and board sellers, mostly fellow villagers or friends, who gather in a certain area in order to earn higher profits and bite the high price quite tacitly. Even if you ask them one by one, the price is the same, so they agree with the high price and think that the market price is so and are slaughtered

the "hard to get" in sales

the crafty JS is easy to understand the psychology of buyers, so as to make high profits by "hard to get". For example, you know that the price of a Wanxiang Blockboard is 60 yuan, but you don't know the price of MDF, gypsum board, decorative panel and Sanli board. JS will sell Wanxiang Blockboard to you at 55 yuan to gain trust, and then sell MDF at 80 yuan/piece (actually 40 yuan). The more you buy, the greater the loss

carpentry tricks

people often take honest carpenters to buy wood, but they don't know that unscrupulous carpenters secretly eat kickbacks. Usually, when a carpenter strolls around the market, you think he is looking at the wood. In fact, he is touching the rebate rate. An agreement can be reached with one look

bad porters

buy plates and transport them upstairs. Usually, the current decoration team is known as a skilled worker, and few people do the work of moving wood. So often before buying wood, the foreman will "remind" you to find a good Porter in the market. When buying wood, there will be a lot of porters staring like flies, often can't help but negotiate the handling wage at a very low price

but when the timber is transported downstairs and the porter carries 20% of the goods, something will happen. Or if there are too many things and the salary is low, sitting on the ground and starting the price on the spot will double the handling fee, which is especially useful when the weather is changing and it looks like it is going to rain; In other words, the wood is too long to be moved, so the carpenter should cut the wood short before moving it. But if you plug 100 yuan, no matter how long the wood is, it can also be moved up; Or I'm hungry and thirsty and can't move. In a certain area, porters usually come from the same place. Even if you don't use them, no one can use them, because they are all fellow villagers





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